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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Crossville officials are asking residents to return special census form or respond online.

Crossville Aerial (file photo)

If you received a City of Crossville Census letter in the mail and haven't returned it yet, look for a knock on your door in November.

The city must field check residential addresses that do not return the form or submit their information through the online form at this link.  Crossville Census Page

The census will help the city determine the current population within the Crossville city limits and can help the city receive additional funding from state shared taxes. The state distributes certain tax revenues to the municipalities based on the population. In fact, the amount per year per resident is currently about $113 per person per year. The state funding helps to keep Crossville's property taxes down.

State shared taxes currently make up 7 percent of the city's total budget. City officials are expecting a substantial increase in the population since Crossville last census in 2014. Since that time a number of new apartments and residential areas have been built.

The Census information required by the State of Tennessee includes the residential address and the first and last name of each resident. The information provided with the census form will only be used for this census.
If you need additional information, feel free to contact Arnold Harbolt at Crossville City Hall. The number is (931) 484-5113 extension 5140 or email to

Monday, October 16, 2017

"Responsible" William Garrett Graham named October Student of the month

William Garrett Graham was named the Student of the Month at Martin Elementary School for
The month of October for his representation of the character trait of responsibility.  

Crossville Mayor James Mayberry, left, presents William
Garrett Graham with his award.  William couldn't attend
the council meeting and the presentation was made at
school. (Photo submitted)

William is in the Fourth Grade class of teacher Leslie Smith and was nominated because “ he sets a fine example of being responsible at school. Garrett is also a responsible school citizen in his treatment of his fellow classmates. He takes responsibility in helping others both in and out of the classroom setting."

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Crossville Memories: Who remembers H & H trading stamps with an office on East First St?

Once upon a time, Crossville apparently had a stamp company office located here.  These so-called trading stamps were given as a percentage of what you purchased, usually groceries, and you saved them in stamp books like the photos below until filled.  You could get a catalog that told you how many books you needed to redeem for the items you wanted.  There were several big names in the business including S & H Green Stamps, Top Value, and Gold Bond stamps. 

The book indicates the stamps are trademarked by Gateway Promotions, Inc of St. Louis MO and in 1964 that company had acquired a stamp and premium business from Curtis Publishing that may be this operation.  Because the book has addresses both with and without zip codes, it dates to the mid to late1960s 
Back and front cover of the book
Inside front cover of the book

Typical page for putting stamps.  There are 50 pages
that must have stamps to fill the book.

Inside the back cover with instructions for
redeeming the stamps.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Crossville council OKs water sales to West Cumberland Utility and appoints Shooting Park board members

After receiving a request in September that the city consider the possible sale of water to the West Cumberland Utility District, city manager Greg Wood and council member J. H. Graham III met with the district and research was done on the possible impact on the city's water operation.

Graham reported to the council at the October meeting and said that the city could sell to the utility district at the current city wholesale rate of $3.88 per 1000 gallons. Graham said city finance director Fred Houston had analyzed the cost of water production and looked at incremental and variable costs.
Crossville city council members L-R, J. H. Graham,
Danny Wyatt, Mayor James Mayberry, Pam Harris
and Scot Shanks.

“Based on this information,” said Graham, “the city of Crossville would have an adequate return at the current wholesale rate of $3.88.” He added that the city had the capacity to provide water the West Cumberland, he moved to approve an offer to sell water to the district at whatever the needs of the district are with no minimum purchase or service charges required. Graham's motion was supported by Councilman Scot Shanks.

The motion was approved unanimously.

Currently, West Cumberland is buying water from the Bondecroft Utility District and has seven years left on that contract. West Cumberland Board member Ed Anderson had advised the council during the September work session that neither side was happy with the current contract and it is unclear exactly when the sale from the city to West Cumberland will begin.

Council also approved the appointments of two members to the Crossville Shooting Sports Park board as the project starts to get off the ground having held a groundbreaking ceremony last month. When the city agreed to sell property near the city's old landfill to the group that was applying for the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency funding to build the facility, part of the agreement was that the city would appoint two board members.

Previously Mayor James Mayberry had recommended that Jim Petty and Glen McDonald be appointed but two additional people contacted the city seeking a seat on the board. The location of the park has been controversial to property owners near the location concerned about the noise and effect on property values.

When the item came up on the agenda, the discussion was brief and councilman Graham moved that Petty and McDonald be appointed by acclamation. The motion was approved by voice vote.

Crossville City Council Unanimously approved purchase of two new firetrucks for Crossville

The Crossville city council unanimously approved the purchase of two new fire trucks for the Crossville Fire Department during the regular October council meeting.

The two trucks include a new pumper to replace a 1993 model truck, currently the oldest in the fleet, that will be traded in on the purchase for $12,000 credit. Council also approved the purchase of a 107-foot single axle ladder truck that will put the current 1994 model 75 foot ladder truck in reserve.

The top truck is similar to the new city pumper and
the bottom photo represents the city's new ladder truck

Council also approved using a Texas-based cooperative to make these purchases that allow governments across the country access to purchasing through the Texas inter-local cooperation Act similar to the Tennessee state contract purchases. This buyers cooperative will reduce the price of the fire apparatus by some 10 percent as the cooperative bid out the firetruck purchase contracts almost 2 years ago and new contracts raise the costs by 10 percent. The city's purchase must be completed by the end of the month when the new prices go into effect. Those savings will allow the city to purchase the necessary additional material to fully equip the trucks for less than the amount of money saved.  Many other Tennessee cities and counties use the same cooperative to make purchases.

The cost of the two trucks with the cooperative pricing comes to $1,605,172.54 with the addition of $162,047 for equipping the trucks the total cost is $1,779,249.54. The city will pay for the trucks and then finance the purchase over 10 years. Using the cooperative purchase and prepay program saves the city $185,000 on the two trucks over buying them another way.

During the budget process, the council had approved one truck to replace the old pumper for an estimated $850,000 but as the department and new city manager Greg Wood began looking at the needs of the department and it was determined that the originally proposed pumper and “snozzle” truck with an articulated arm and a nozzle on the end would not meet the needs of the city.

Council discussion on firetruck purchases

The current ladder truck is only a year newer then the truck being traded in and mechanical troubles were cropping up. Due to its age, it would have to be replaced soon as well. In addition, the 75-foot ladder was no longer adequate to reach all the buildings in the community for adequate fire protection.

A team of fire department officers did additional research and put together additional plans for department improvements. With the addition of two new trucks, other vehicles can be put in reserve to lengthen the life for those units as well. Also, in the future when another fire station is built, those trucks will be available for use there.

The new pumper will have a 1500 gallon per minute pump (GPM) and a 1000 gallon tank. It also will have an enhanced foam system with the capability to pump and roll. The foam is important for dealing with flammable liquids and incidents at the airport. The truck will also have jaws of life on board.

The new ladder truck includes a 1500 GPM pump and a 500-gallon water tank with a standard foam system. The ladder will allow the department to serve Cumberland Medical Center and several industries.

Delivery time on new firetrucks is about 11 months and the city should receive the new equipment around September of 2018.  Deputy Chief Chris South said that the new trucks have new and better technology since the 1993-94 trucks and the new trucks with single axles are easier to drive and get where they need to go.

The motion to buy the trucks made by councilman J. H. Graham included writing a check to pay for the trucks and access the savings. Council may look at financing the purchase later on. The motion was unanimously approved.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Accident ties up traffic on Westbound I-40 Wednesday morning between Monterey and Cookeville.

An accident backed up traffic between Crossville and Cookeville for a short time this morning.  No details available on the accident at this time but a vehicle had overturned, possibly rolled and ended up on its top in the median about halfway down the mountain heading into Cookeville.  The accident occurred around 8:30 AM

At least one other car was stopped on the other side of the road but it was not clear if that vehicle was involved or had just stopped to help. 

 The accident scene was cleared by 9:45 AM.  Tennessee Highway Patrol, Fire department, Putnam Co. Sherriff and ambulance all responded to the scene.  (Photos by Jacob Young)

Monday, October 9, 2017

Twelve Law Enforcement Officers Graduate from TBI State Academy

NASHVILLE TBI Press Release – Twelve local law enforcement officers from across the state are new graduates of the TBI State Academy. The Academy was created as a professional and specialized training ground for Tennessee law enforcement officers who desire the opportunity to expand their education and training in the criminal justice field. Through the six-week course, attendees learn advanced investigative techniques, science, and strategy; skills they can take back with them and put into practice at their home agencies.
The TBI State Academy was developed with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s origin, tradition, and mission in mind. Coursework included leadership, constitutional law, communications intelligence and undercover investigations.
Candidates were nominated by their department heads and selected to attend. They were required to have five years of experience as a full-time commissioned officer of a Tennessee law enforcement agency, show excellent character and a professional reputation. They exhibit an interest in public service and are committed to remaining in law enforcement for a minimum of three years after the TBI State Academy graduation.
Each year, one student is honored with the prestigious Director’s Award. The officer selected for that award is the individual with the highest cumulative scores in academic tests, physical fitness, shooting competition, leadership presentation, and case presentation.  This year’s winner of the Director’s Award, announced during last week’s graduation, is Patrick Murdock, a Sergeant/ Investigator with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.
A graduate of the TBI State Academy has the opportunity to earn credits with partner schools Cumberland University and Tennessee State University. The Academy runs four days a week for six weeks and is held at Fire Service and Codes Enforcement Academy in Bell Buckle, at no cost to attendees.

2017 TBI State Academy Graduates:
Shaynah Bibbee - Student – Tennessee State University
Special Agent Bonnie Carr – TN Alcoholic Beverage Commission
Detective Alexander Clary – Meigs County Sheriff’s Office
Investigator George Dyer – Franklin County Sheriff’s Office
Sergeant Gilbert Goodwin – Memphis Police Department
Lieutenant James Hatler – Martin Police Department
Detective Keith Alan Kile – Kingston Police Department
Detective Darin Lane – White Pine Police Department
Detective Robert E. Lower, III – Jamestown Police Department
Detective James Markwood – Fentress County Sheriff’s Office
Sergeant/ Investigator Patrick Murdock – Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office
Sergeant/ Detective-Narcotics Joshua Smith – Pickett County Sheriff’s Office
Patrol Investigator Tabitha Standridge – Englewood Police Department
TBI will begin accepting applications for the 2018 TBI State Academy in the spring. For more information about the State Academy, visit their website: