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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Deadline to Register to Vote for November 6 Election October 9--Early voting starts October 17

The last day to register to vote to be eligible for casting a ballot in the upcoming November 6, 2018 election is October 9.

Unregistered voters or residents who need to change their address or other information can register at the Cumberland Co. Election Commission offices in the Milo Lemmert Courthouse Annex directly across Main Street from the Cumberland County. Courthouse.

You can also register online at the official Tennessee website. https://ovr.govote.tn.gov/

Early voting gets underway on October 17 and continues through November 1, 2018.

October 30 is the last day to request an absentee ballot

Election Day is November 6.

Elections on the November ballot include both Tennessee and Federal General Elections as well as local municipal elections including Mayor and council races for the City of Crossville and Pleasant Hill along with 2 aldermen for Crab Orchard.

In addition to the major party candidates Democrat Karl Dean and Republican Bill Lee, there are 26 additional independent candidates on the gubernatorial ballot.

You can download a complete sample ballot PDF file from the Cumberland County Election Commission webpage at this link: Download Sample Ballot

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For US Senator candidates include Democrat Phil Bredesen and Republican Marsha Blackburn there are 6 additional independent candidates for the US Senate seat.

For the Sixth District US House of Representative seat candidates include Democrat Dawn Barlow and Republican John Rose along with 2 independent candidates.

For the Tennessee Senate 15th district race, incumbent Republican Paul Bailey is challenged by Democrat Angela Hedgcough while in the State House of Representative race for the 25th district seat pits Democratic challenger Anne Quillen against incumbent Republican Cameron Sexton.

In Municipal races, the City of Crossville Mayor's race puts incumbent James Mayberry against outgoing city councilman Danny Wyatt. Mayberry is completing his first term as Crossville Mayor and Danny Wyatt unsuccessfully ran for Cumberland Co. Mayor in the May Primary.
Crossville Mayor James Mayberry

Challenger Danny Wyatt

Two council seats are expiring. In addition to Wyatt, two-term council member Pamala Harris is not seeking re-election and the candidates for the two open seats include Art Gernt, Rob Harrison, Sadie Hoover, Jesse Kerley Ralph Reagan and Virgil Thompson.

Pleasant Hill will elect a mayor between incumbent Diane Savage and challenger Lisa Patrick. There are two seats open on the council but only one candidate qualified so Peggy Happy should gain a seat and the council will have to appoint an additional member.

Two alderman seats are open on the Crab Orchard board and two candidates have qualified meaning unless something changes, Kenny Alley and Mike Findley will be elected.   

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Multi-Agency Investigation Results in Charges Against Former Putnam Co. Senior Home Care Operator

Elder Abuse and Conspiracy to Obtain Controlled Substances Charges Result from District Attorney Investigation

In February of 2018, Criminal Investigators with the 13th Judicial District Attorney General’s Office opened an investigation into allegation claiming that the operator of the former facility known as Senior Lifestyles, an adult mental health group home located in Putnam County, was exploiting residents of the facility.   Multiple reports of criminal behavior had been received.  As the investigation progressed, Agents with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation joined the investigation, evidence was obtained that not only indicated elder abuse was occurring but also evidence was discovered indicating that controlled substances were being diverted.  

Many agencies assisted in the investigation as it progressed and assisted in the execution of search warrants including, the District Attorney Generals Office, the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department, the Cookeville Police Department, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Tennessee Highway Patrol, the Comptrollers Office, the TN Department of Mental Health and the Social Security Administration.  

Evidence was submitted to the Putnam County Grand Jury seeking indictments in the investigation.
On Wednesday, September 19, 2018, the Putnam County Grand Jury found probable cause that criminal offenses had been committed by both Stephanie Lee Butler, the former operator of the Senior Lifestyles facility and Brian Fitzhugh Richey, FNP, a licensed nurse practitioner, who medically treated residents of the facility.

The Putnam County Grand Jury issued indictments as follows:
Stephanie Lee Butler was charged with:
*Conspiracy to obtain controlled substances by fraud;
*Obtaining controlled substances by fraud;
*Conspiracy to commit financial exploitation of an elderly/vulnerable adult;
*Financial exploitation of an elderly/vulnerable adult;
*Financial Exploitation (11 counts);
*felony theft;
*Identity Theft (4 counts);
*Money Laundering (6 counts)

Brian Fitzhugh Richey, FNP was charged with:
*Conspiracy to obtain controlled substances by fraud;
*Obtaining controlled substances by fraud;
*Conspiracy to commit financial exploitation of an elderly/vulnerable adult;
*Financial exploitation of an elderly/vulnerable adult;
The victims of the charged offenses were elderly and/or vulnerable adult residents of the former Senior Lifestyles, adult mental health group home. 
Stephanie Lee Butler was taken into custody and booked in the Putnam County jail on September 19, 2018.  Butler was held under $150,000 bond. Brian Richey turned himself into the Putnam County Jail September 20, 2018.  Richey is under $40,000 bond. 

The exploitation of elderly and vulnerable adults is a growing problem that this office takes very seriously. We would like to remind the public that the law makes it mandatory to report allegations of elder abuse.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Upcoming Events at Crossville's Palace Theatre through late October...

September 2018
9/25 (Tues)  Open Mic 6 PM    No Charge
9/28 (Fri)     Crossville’s Got Talent 7 PM
9/29 (Sat)     Tenn. Sweetheart Pageant 1 PM

October 2018
10/06 (Sat)  Traditional Country Music Show 7PM $15
10/12 (Fri)  T.C. Tahoe (Laughing Matters) 7PM Rows 1-8 $25.00 all other seats $19.50
10/13 (Sat) Gary West ‘For the Love of Cash’ 7PM $17.50 Reserved Seats
10/20 (Sat)  Merlyn Gene 7PM
10/25(Thurs) Wild & Scenic Film Festival (Environmental Films)  7PM $10

Tickets for most events may be purchased at the Palace or online by cash, check or credit card.
Palace Box Office hours are Tuesday – Friday 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
     Events listed are subject to change.
Order by phone 931-484-6133 

Shooting Victim Joy Nostrom had taken out two orders of protection in the last 6 months

At least two orders of protection requests were filed by Joy Nostrom, one of the victims of Friday's shooting, against her husband, who now faces first-degree murder charges in her death. 

Shooting victim
Joy Nostrom

Warren Nostrom
Charged with
2 counts of
First degree 

The statements outline threats made by Warren Nostrom against his wife of 32 years and incidents where she claims he pointed a shotgun at her in front of their home and pulled the trigger.  It also said the couple had been having trouble for two or three years.

In both cases, one in April and one in June this year, ex parte (temporary) protection orders were issued but on the court date, Joy Nostrom asked that the protection orders be dismissed.  In the April case the reason given was 32 years of marriage and in the June case, Mrs. Nostrom said that they were trying to sell their house and Mr. Nostrom could not do it by himself.

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The request for the order indicates Warren Nostrom owned 2 pistols and 1 shotgun in his closet.  One of the pistols he reportedly kept in his van.

In the statements with both request for orders, Joy Nostrom says that Warren threatened to burn the house down with her in it, that if she was with someone else he would take care of the situation and he was not afraid of going to jail. 

According to the wife's petition, Warren Nostrom had "bruised me in the past, had pulled my hair and tossed me across the rooms and outside."  She continued, "He has threatened me all the time.  He has used mind abuse for the past 2 or 3 years using male priveledge and said he will see that I have nothing and don't care if I live on the street."

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Current and former Crossville Police Officers among the 17 applications for Police Chief.

The City of Crossville is looking for a new Police Chief and 17 applications for the position were received by the deadline of September 14.

Crossville Police Department Headquarters
(Photo by Jim Young)

The next steps are to set up a team to interview the candidates and the hiring decision will be made by City Manager Greg Wood.

Applicants include current interim Police Chief Christopher Kendrick, former interim chief Mark Rosser, former interim chief Rodney Shoap, and current and former Crossville police officers Brian Tilley, Tony Davis and Mark Steinmann.

Other applicants include Jon Fehlman, Heath Willis, Daniel Wright, Jessie Brooks, Richard Holt, Roberts Edwards, James Phelps, Gregory Purden, William Kain, Craig Moats, and Thomas Lay.

No timeline for a hiring decision has been established yet. 

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Cumberland County School Fourth Graders Touring Historic Downtown Crossville during September

Cumberland County Fourth Graders are learning about the history of Crossville and the historic Downtown area with tours that take place during September on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Please drive carefully when in the downtown areas, especially when you see groups of children.  

The program is sponsored by Downtwon Crossville, Inc. and tours are given by volunteers and kids get to visit the Courthouse, Palace Theatre, Depot, and other buildings.  They also visit the Memorial Park and other areas too. The children get a chance to met both city and county officials during their visit. 

The children in these photos were from Martin Elementary School. 

Kids learn about the Mural on Fifth St. and the
local history it represents.

A volunteer from the local Vietnam War Veterans shared
about the various monuments honoring those who
died in service to their country.

Kids learn about the wars in the Middle East and those from the area
who lost their lives in that endeavor.

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Making a visit to the Milo Lemmert Courthouse
Annex that was once the main Crossville post office

Kids will be crossing the streets during the tours, 
so please drive safely!

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Following through Investigation, Sheriff's Department Says Reported Child Abduction Appears Unfounded

Cumberland Co. Sheriff's Dept. PRESS RELEASE by Sgt. Gary Howard Public Information Officer
September 15, 2018

On September 15, 2018, at approximately 1:26 pm Cumberland County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to South Cumberland Elementary School on a report of an abducted child where parents and students had gathered for a Jr. Jets and Jr. Panthers football game.   Conflicting reports from minors stated they saw a man grab a child and run into the wooded area behind the school.    Immediately a search was implemented on the ground and a Tennessee Highway Patrol helicopter later joined the search looking for any evidence that would suggest an abduction had occurred. Cumberland County Sheriff’s Investigators interviewed several people that were present at the event as well as reviewed the school surveillance video.

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The game was suspended and several announcements were made to those attending to come forward if they knew of a missing a child and no child was reported missing.   Law enforcement officers remained on the premises until everyone had left to ensure no child was missing.  After a thorough search and investigation, there appeared to be no credible evidence to suggest an abduction had occurred or that any child was in danger.

Crossville Police Department, Cumberland County Emergency Management Director, Tennessee Highway Patrol and Cumberland County Schools Director of Emergency Management and Security all assisted the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office in the investigation.