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Monday, February 19, 2018

Cumberland Homestead photos by Carl Mydans in 1936 who later covered WWII for Life Magazine

These photos are credited to Carl Maydans from 1936.  Maydans was a photographer who worked for the Farm Services Administration and later for Life Magazine.  In fact, not long after these photos were taken, Mydans became one of the first staff photographers for Life.  As a war photographer, he was captured by the Japanese in the Phillippines and was later released in a prisoner exchange.  He covered the war in Europe then returned to the Phillippines to capture the moment when Gen. MacAurther "returned."  He also shot photos of the surrender of Japan on the USS Missouri. 

Trading Post at Cumberland Homesteads
Crossville, Tennessee

Interior of gristmill, turbine wheel type on 
Daddy's Creek

Interior of gristmill, turbine wheel type on 
Daddy's Creek (The box is interesting.)

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Closeup of stone house being built by the farmer
at Crossville Tennessee

Fireplace in office of Cumberland Homesteads
(The rectangle above the circle says 
"William Macy Stanton" 
the name of the architect/manager on the project.)

Cumberland Homesteads Crossville Tennessee

Sunday, February 18, 2018

August Races for County Commission and BOE continue to add candidates

In the August Cumberland County election on August 2nd Elections will be held for all members of the Cumberland County Commission and the odd number districts of the Board of Education.

New Candidates have taken out papers in the FOurth and Seventh District Commission Races.  New candidates are marked with an asterisk 

Two commissioners from each district and one BOE member from the odd number districts 1,3,5,7 and 9 will be elected in the August balloting. Most of these candidates listed below have taken out papers but not yet returned them. Candidates who have qualified are indicated. The deadline for qualification petitions to be turned in to the Election Commission office is April 5 at noon.

Federal and State race primaries will also be held on August 2 as well. July 3 is the final day to register and be eligible to vote in the August elections.

Early voting for the August 2 election and Primaries will be July 13 through July 28, 2018.

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New additions to the list since our last report are marked with an asterisk.

Candidates for First District Commissioner
Christopher D. Coleman
R. J. Crawford
Chad Norris
Sue Ann York (incumbent) (qualified)

Second District Co. Commissioner
Nancy Hyder (incumbent)
Tom Isham (incumbent)

Third District Co. Commissioner
Mitchell L Jenkins
John Peaslee
Rebecca H.Stone (incumbent)

Fourth District Co. Commissioner
Gary L. Adams
Andy Cole*
Joe Dunn
Jane Franklin (qualified)
David H. Gibson (incumbent)

Fifth District Co. Commissioner
Jack Davis (incumbent)
Terry Lowe (incumbent) (qualified)
Toshia Phillips Powers
Tony Soriano
Machelle S. Tenbroeck

Sixth District Co. Commissioner
Kathy D. Allen
Larry B. Allen

Seventh District Co. Commissioner
Mark Baldwin (Qualified)
Elbert Farley (incumbent)
Michael J. Hamby
Mike Harvel *
Roy Turner (incumbent) (qualified)

Eighth District Co. Commissioner
Jim Blalock (qualified)
Deborah Holbrook (qualified)
Jesse Iles
Chris Singer
Darrell Wyatt

Ninth District Co. Commissioner
Carl MacLeod (qualified)
John L. Patterson Jr. (incumbent)

BOE First District
Jim Inman

BOE Third District
Shirley French Parris (incumbent)
Jay Wright (qualified)

BOE Fifth District
No candidate has pulled papers yet

BOE Seventh District
Tom Delk
Rebecca Hamby

BOE Ninth District
Stace Karge
Aretie G. Patterson (incumbent) Register to VOTE Online

Farm Service Admisntration Photos of the Cumberland Homesteads from 1935

A number of government-paid photographers spent time at the Cumberland Homesteads in the 1930's taking photos of the people and the community and the work being done.  All these photos are from the Library of Congress.  Most of these photos do not have the photographer identified but one does.  The lady running the spinning wheel below is by FSA photographer Ben Shahn.

The Homesteads project started in 1934 and by the time it was wrapped up some 251 houses had been built with the help of those chosen to participate in the program.  The barns were built first and the families lived in them until their houses were completed.  

Interior of house at Cumberland Homesteads, 
Crossville, Tennessee

Interior of house at Cumberland Homesteads, 
Crossville, Tennessee

Interior of house at Cumberland Homesteads, 
Crossville, Tennessee

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Rock quarry used in the construction of Cumberland
Homesteads, Crossville Tennessee

Sawmill at Crossville Tennessee

Construction at Cumberland Homesteads

Erecting a fence at Cumberland Homesteads,
Crossville Tennessee

Rock quarry used in the construction of Cumberland
Homesteads, Crossville Tennessee

Sawmill, Crossville Tennessee
Construction on a Cumberland Homestead

Elanor Roosevelt addressing group at 
Cumberland Homesteads (Taken, according to a
good authority in 1934, not 1935)

Woman Carding at the Cumberland Homesteads
Crossville Tennessee

Woman running a spinning wheel at 
Cumberland Homesteads, Crossville Tennessee
by Ben Sahan

Woman weaving at Cumberland Homesteads
Crossville Tennessee

Interior of "little red schoolhouse"
Crossville Tennessee

Crossville City Council Votes to seek More Raw Water Supply and narrowly OKs accepting BOE Sewer Lines

During the February Crossville city council meeting, the council approved moving forward with a program to seek to increase the raw water supply as recommended by engineering firm J. R. Wauford.
Councilman J.H. Graham makes a point during the council's
February regular meeting. 

In addition, a split council approved moving forward with accepting sewer lines from the Cumberland County Board of Education.

Wauford engineer Greg Davenport presented a report to the council during the February work session that listed 4 potential options and recommended that the city attempt to set up a meeting with the US Army Corps of Engineers and other regulators to discuss next steps.

Councilman J. H. Graham made the motion to move forward and his motion was supported by Councilman Danny Wyatt.

Council member Pamala Harris pointed out, “The benefits of doing this are knowing which direction to move toward as far as our future water supply. I think it is good for the public to know that we're looking out for our future.”

The motion to move forward was unanimously approved.

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There was less council agreement on the request from the county Board of Education for the city to take over three sections of sewer lines that serve North School, South School and Brown Elementary.

The motion to accept the request from the BOE was made by Mr. Graham and the second was made by Ms. Harris.

Mayor Mayberry said he had some concerns, mainly about the line from Brown Elementary including the city's utility district owning a line that runs through the middle of another (South Cumberland) utility district. He added that he was not clear what was involved in taking responsibility for the line and what additional manpower or expense would be required. Mayberry also mentioned future expenses and depreciation that would have to be budgeted for future replacement adding, “It seems like a losing proposition.”

Mayberry also said he felt it was too early to even look at inspecting the line as council member Harris suggested and he wanted to know about the legalities of the action but with the city attorney out with the flu he was not present to answer the Mayor's questions.

“I'm not going to vote to support this not knowing all the facts,” explained Mayor Mayberry.

Councilman Wyatt called on the city engineer Tim Begley for some additional information and Begley said the line to South was about 19 years old, the line to Brown is about 10 to 12 years old. Begley explained that the line to Brown was a “gray water” line and could not have a grinder pump attached to it. According to Begley, the school maintenance department reported only one break to the Brown line they knew of and it involved a car running off the road. He added that lead him to believe that the line could be a bit shallow in some places.

As the city has annexed additional area along Spruce Loop, they have taken over 300 to 400 feet of the line and haven't had any problems with it.

Mr. Graham commented to Mayor Mayberry's concern, pointing out that South Cumberland Utility has stated a number of times that they do not want to be in the sewer business.

Graham responded to another of Mayberry's questions about the future use of the line and if a pump station would be needed if more customers hooked up to the line and Graham said he felt a pump station would be needed. Graham also mentioned another possible line in the future along Dunbar Road but that would depend on the number of future customers.

When the vote on the measure was taken, Council members Graham and Wyatt voted in favor, Ms. Harris passed on the first round vote and councilman Scot Shanks said he was in favor but felt there were still things the city did not know. Shanks voted no “for now.” Mayor Mayberry also voted no and the attention returned to Ms. Harris for the deciding vote. After a brief pause, Harris voted “aye and the motion was approved.  

Friday, February 16, 2018

Rare 1934 Photo of Main St. Downtown Crossville from the Hotel Taylor looking South

This photo came from a scrap book that was cut up and sold on eBay a number of years ago.  It was part of phto documentation of the Cumberland Homesteads and may have beloned to the arcitect William Macy Stanton.  The writing at the bottom of the photo appears to be in Stanton's own architect labeling handwriting.  The photo is from around 1934 and shows a Crossville of a much earlier time.  

The Mecca Theatre sign is prominent and you can see the Courthouse tower over the rooftops showing the time of 3:25 PM.  Gas was sold at the Harrison Auto Service business front left along with tires and car repair.

On the right of the photo you can see the railroad crossing, the original location of Mitchell's drugs before they moved up the block.  The second story of the first building reportedly a hotel since it was next door to the train station.  There is a barber shop and then Jack's Cafe.  

Down the block in the near center of the image is the old Jail that was torn down to make way for the US Post Office building in 1938 a few years after this photo was taken and the rebuilt 2nd Courthouse that burned in 1905.

It appears that the photo was taken from the 2nd-floor porch of the Taylor Hotel, what was then the best hotel in town.  
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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Crossville Special Census counts 11,564 residents, an increase of 542 residents meaning more tax revenue

The final census count, according to Arnold Harbolt, the contractor hired to perform the census, was 11,564, with an increase of 542 city residents over the previous census in 2016 of 11,022.

The Crossville Special Census has been concluded and will be submitted for verification to the Upper Cumberland Development District.

Harbolt also told the council that the list of 5,909 addresses he was originally given had some problems. He added that the total occupied addresses were actually 5,319. The total population includes 91 occupants in group homes.

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The amount budgeted for the census was $50,000 and the cost of the census was $35,104 with the cost of certification at $1656.40 for a total cost of $36,760.46. The project came in well under the budget of $50,000 for the census.

The current amount of state shared taxes per person in the City of Crossville is $112.86 and based on the additional population of 542, the first year an additional estimated revenue amount of $61,170.12 is expected. In addition, that amount is expected to continue and possibly rise for the next 4 years. The total increase in revenue is estimated to be around $244,000. Council member J. H. Graham said the census that he had spearheaded was more than worth the cost.  

May First Cumberland County Primary Races Set and 4 incumbents face no challengers

The Cumberland Count Primary election races are set as of the February 15 deadline there are 7 candidates qualified for the Republican Primary for the office of Cumberland County Mayor and no Democrats.

Candidates who have qualified for the May Republican Primary race for the County Mayor's office include Timothy A. Claflin, Allen Foster, J.C. Hancock, Randal Kidwell, Doug Scarlett, Ligue Wisdom and Danny Wyatt.
No Democratic candidates have qualified to run for County Mayor in the May Primary but an Independent candidate for County Mayor has qualified for the ballot, Sandra Lee (Sandy) Davis. Davis will appear on the August County Ballot as an independent but does not have to run on the May Primary. The Winner of the Republican May primary race will face Davis on the August Ballot.

Three Republican candidates for the office of County Road Superintendent have qualified for the May primary including incumbent Scott Blaylock and challengers Stanley L. Hall and Kevin D. Music. Blaylock is the incumbent County Road Superintendent and both of the other men have run for the office previously.
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With the retirement of Court Clerk Larry Sherrill, Two candidates have qualified to be on the ballot for the Republican Primary race for Circuit Court Clerk, Jessica R. Burgess and Nick Neal. No Democratic candidate will appear on the ballot.

The remaining races have a single candidate and are essentially settled since none of the incumbents running for re-election face any opposition.

Incumbent Judy Graham Swallows has qualified for the Register of Deeds on the Democratic primary.

Incumbent Sheriff Casey Cox is the only candidate qualified for the Republican primary. And no candidate will appear on the Democratic ballot.

Incumbent Kim Tollett Wyatt has qualified for Trustee on the Republican Primary and incumbent Jule Bryson has qualified for County Clerk on the Republican Primary. No opposition from either Republicans or Democrats will appear on the ballot.

Short of something unforeseen at this time, Casey Cox will serve another term as Sheriff, Judy Graham Swallow will serve another term as Register of Deeds. Kim Tollett Wyatt will remain County Trustee and Jule Bryson will remain as County Clerk.

No races will pit a Republican against a Democrat. Candidates do have a week to withdraw from a race so their name won't appear on the ballot. Register to VOTE Online.