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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Pam Harris: "I did not sign up to be an actor in the Barnum and Bailey Circus!"

Councilwoman Pamala Harris, who serves as mayor pro-tem, said she is tired of the continuing controversy in Crossville city council meetings and added that she is “quitting the circus.”

Harris also said she had no comment to make on the incident Friday involving Crossville water resources director Jerry Kerley being on city time while allegedly participating in the theft of signs from a Mockingbird Drive residence that was caught on tape.

Harris said, “When I ran for city council, my intentions were good. I have and continue to want to be a servant to the community. However I did not sign up to be an actor in the Barnum and Bailey Circus. As long as there are circus related items on our agenda going forward, I will not participate in those meetings. Harris added, “You can take that to the bank.”

Mayor pro-tem Pamala Harris

“I'm resigning from the Barnum and Bailey Circus, said Harris. She stressed she was not resigning her position as council member.

When asked about an item proposed for the upcoming council meeting agenda from councilman Pete Souza concerning the fate of interim city manager Steve Hill, Ms. Harris said, “I'm not in favor of firing someone and being judge jury and executioner when things are alleged but have not been proven in any court of law or council meeting.”

Harris did say, “I do believe it is time to move on with city business and I'd like to see us save a little money. I have entertained the thought that we just take an existing city employee and use them in that (city manager) capacity.” She added that she feels a new regular city manager should be in place by January.


  1. Pamela Harris, Danny Wyatt and Jesse Kerley are the three-ring circus. Pamela Harris is just a S.S. artiest. She reminds me a lot of crooked Hillary.

  2. There is a rush to put another crooked person to do the dirty business of Harris, Wyatt and Kerley