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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Crossville council approves changes to Airport FBO's contract.

Crossville city council approved changes to the contract between the city and Crossville Aero, the fixed base operator of the Crossville airport.

The contract changes brought up some discussion by council members and caught Crossville Aero's Chris Bennett off guard as he was unaware the item was on the council agenda though he was at the meeting.
Crossville Airport building

The item was originally under the council's consent agenda but was pulled out for separate discussion and action by councilwoman Pamala Harris. Ms. Harris asked city attorney Will Ridley if he was given an opportunity to review the agreement? Mr. Ridley said he saw it when the council did as part of the previous weeks work session but said he did not have a hand in drafting the document.
Council discusses airport contract changes

Harris said she felt that anytime an agreement of that nature the city attorney should be involved in drafting it. In addition Harris added that she would like the administration to share the document with the attorney.

Harris asked Ridley if he was OK with the agreement and Ridley said he was.

Crossville city manager Greg wood, left, and 
city council members

Mayor James Mayberry moved to approve the item and a second was given by councilman Danny Wyatt. Mayberry asked if the new city manager Greg Wood had negotiated the items of the agreement and Wood said that the agreement memorializes the agreements that had previously been made. Those agreements included an increase in the flow fee for fuel sales from 5 to 10 cents per gallon and an additional $200 a month rental fee for the use of the new hanger and paying for the hanger's utilities.
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Councilman Wyatt asked Mr. Bennett if he was good with the changes? Bennett said he was fine but had not seen the agreement and did not know it was on the agenda. Bennett added that he knew the changes had been talked about so they were not a surprise to him.

Wyatt added that he agreed with Ms. Harris that the city attorney should review the documents. Manager Wood said he had been educated on the issue and would see to it in the future,

The council voted unanimously to approve the contract amendment.

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