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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Crossville council approves policy making hiring previous retirees more difficult.

Crossville city council approved a policy concerning the rehiring of previously retired city employees based on several meetings of discussion and input and recommendations from new city manager Greg Wood.

Mayor James Mayberry moved to approve the policy presented at the council previous meeting. Action on that policy was delayed pending additional information. A second to the motion came from councilman Scot Shanks.

The recommendation from Mr. Wood is that as a rule to not allow these employees to return unless there were extraordinary circumstances necessitating their return. In those cases, if they received a retirement buyout, that buyout would have to be paid back over whatever period of time they had to serve to reach the 30 year threshold or five (5) years, whichever is greater. Any other retirement non-buyout incentives received would be deducted from incentives received upon the subsequent separation.
City manager Greg Wood and members of the city council
discuss policy on rehiring previous retirees.

Additionally, their pay should be reduced by 5% to put them on equal footing with other employees who now have to pay in 5% to ICMA when the retirees would not be paying that amount. This is the only way I can see to keep the employee from “double dipping” and maintaining some equity with
employees now under ICMA. Employees of Police or Fire could have knowledge based testing waived but would still need to pass the physical testing requirements of new hires.

With no additional discussion, Mayberry called for a vote. Councilman J. H. Graham voted in favor reiterating that extraordinary circumstances could bring a decision back to the council. Councilman Danny Wyatt voted no saying he did not want to tie the city manager's hands. Councilwoman Pamala Harris also voted yes saying she felt as Mr. Graham did. Mr. Shanks and Mr Mayberry voted yes.

The motion was approved with a four to one vote.  

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