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Monday, April 10, 2017

Shooting Park property sale closed on Thursday.

The sale of property for use by the nonprofit group Crossville Shooting Park, Inc. that was approved by the Crossville city council last Tuesday has taken place and the closing on the sale was held last Thursday.

The sale included 147.63 acres of property between Albert Frye Road and Interstate 40, part of a property the City of Crossville purchased and used 37 acres of for a landfill some 20 years ago.

The use of the property as a shooting sports park with funding from TWRA had been considered for over 18 months and turned controversial after neighboring property owners realized the project would affect their property.  After the council initially approved the sale, they reversed that decision leading to additional meetings and a test shooting to see how loud the operation might be.  Following that test, a portion of the property was restricted to archery and air gun use creating a buffer between the firearm shooting area and neighboring property.

The sale would revert to the city should funding for the park not be received by December 31, 2017 and could also revert if the park is not operated as a shooting park for 180 days once it starts operation.  The city will have 2 member appointments to the organization's board and the police department will be allowed to use the facility for training and practice.

1 comment:

  1. I was hoping and praying this did not go thru. I feel Crossville once again have let the locals down. We have big needs in this little city and a shooting range is not one of them. Why are we not more concerned for our younger generation? The schools,the lack of activity and entertainment ? Our kids have nothing to do here. When is Crossville going to step up and take care of the needs of our children?