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Thursday, March 2, 2017

2017 Tennessee Women’s Bowling Championship Tournament starts Saturday.

This Saturday, March 4th, the  2017 Tennessee Women’s Championship Tournament (the State Women’s Tournament) will begin here in Crossville at Plateau Lanes. This will be the third and final tournament of three state-wide tournaments that Plateau Lanes secured in 2016 and this year. The 2016 Women’s Senior Singles and 2016 Women’s Queens Tournaments were held last fall; but, the event starting this weekend will run for four consecutive weekends through March. Close to 200 bowlers/guests could make their way to the Plateau for each of the coming four Saturdays/Sundays, which should find more stays in our hotels, restaurant business and mini-shopping trips when the ladies aren’t scheduled to be at the lanes.

The Crossville-Cumberland County Chamber of Commerce  committed $2,000 to sweeten the pot for the three tournament prize funds and lure the tournaments to Crossville. Chamber President, Brad Allamong noted, “If you just stop and think about the impact on our community from a four person bowling team coming from, let’s say Memphis, consider what we would see from 50 bowling teams might add to our local economy for each of the next four weekends. Granted, not every team will have a two-night overnight stay, but this means a number of meals, gas for the trip home and other purchases-all putting more tax back into the local economy.”

Members of the Cumberland County Bowling Association will be on-hand to greet the ladies as they check-in for one of three scheduled “shifts” each day of the weekend. Bowlers bowl team event on Sunday and their doubles/singles event on Saturdays of the 2-day event. Plateau Lanes has made significant investments to make needed improvements and the bowling alley has never looked better!

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