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Monday, June 20, 2016

Full statement issued by Councilman Danny Wyatt on the announced ending of Recall efforts.

After learning that the recall petition has been withdrawn to have myself and Council Member Harris removed from the Council,  I believe the people have spoken - again.  

I was elected to the City Council to serve the people to the best of my ability and that is what I have tried to do.  I believe in our City and its people.  

We have much work to do and I think we can do it if we join together for the common cause of progress for our town.  It has not been easy with the problems the Council has been subjected to over the years, but that does not mean we can simply throw in the towel. I will continue to serve the people through all adversity to make certain our city grows and provides the best services to the taxpayers. 

I will not address the ones who wish to cause turmoil and disarray for the council.  They have their reasons and causes but they are outweighed by the greater objective of tending to the business at hand - making Crossville the best place possible to live, work and play. I want to thank the voters who put me in this position and will continue to diligently serve your best interest.

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