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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Councilman Jesse Kerley has released a statement on the Crossville Recall matter.

To my fellow citizens of Crossville.  

I want to first and foremost express how proud I am of our City for the overwhelming support shown Council members Danny Wyatt and Pamala Harris.  The failed recall petition has sent a message to anyone who viciously and without merit attacks our governing body should think twice.

It troubles me that the few who are attempting to disrupt our work for the citizens of the City found it necessary to maliciously attack me and falsely accuse me of actions which have never happened.  No doubt their empty allegations toward me were to take the focus away from their inability to obtain very many signatures on the petition.  It matters not.  I will not lower myself to their standards and get into a petty name calling match and waste valuable time that I need to put in working with the other progressive-minded council members to keep Crossville headed in the right direction.

We have very positive things happening in our community. An unprecedented cooperation between the City and County governments, over seven-hundred jobs available for those who want to work, record sales tax collections in this fiscal year and many more wonderful projects planned for the great benefit to our residents.  I will continue to serve as a conservative voice to help grow our City and ensure Crossville is a place where folks are proud to call their home.

Jesse Luke Kerley

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