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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Videos from the Crossville city council special called meeting to approvie final action on the city 2016-17 budget.

First action taken on the budget was to increase the water and sewer rates.  Water rates going up 2 percent and sewer rates up by 5 percent.  Because of the finances of the department, a rate increase has been required by the state comptroller's office.  The comptroller's office wanted the rates increased all at once though in the discussion it was revealed that former city manager David Rutherford had negotiated a phase in of the increase.

Water and sewer rate increase discussion

Though the council says it wants to complete the downtown sidewalk project, the $3 million expenditure and loan was removed from the budget when an amendment to the budget was proposed by council member Danny Wyatt.  The council is waiting for information on the cost of the project if the city hires a 4 man crew that will be dedicated to sidewalk construction and repair.  Numbers on that program are being prepared by city engineer Tim Begley and public works department to be presented at the July regular meeting.

The final version of the city's 2016-17 budget remained in the red by $1.2 million with more than adequate funds in the rainy day fund to cover that amount many times over.  The tax rate remains at 63 cents with no increase over the previous year.

Budget approval and discussion and approval of amendment removing funding for the downtown sidewalk project. 

And the council approved the resolution listing the donations to the outside agencies and non-profits, all reduced by 10 percent from the previous year after a 10 percent reduction to most of them also in 2015-16 as well. 

Action on resolution of donations to outside agencies 

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