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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Souza unsuccessfully tries again to reverse standing rules--says he will keep placing on agenda as long as he's in office

For the third month in a row Mr. Souza requested to have an item on the agenda proposing to rescind the standing rules adopted March 10, 2016 that abolished monthly work sessions and ended public comments during an agenda item. When this item came up on the agenda, Mr. Souza began by saying, “When we stopped the public from being allowed to speak, curtailed their right to present their case to their elected officials.”

Mayor Mayberry asked Souza if he had a motion? Souza apologized and moved to rescind the standing rules adopted on March 10, 2016. Mayberry asked for a second and receiving none, seconded the motion himself.

Souza said he will continue to put the item on the agenda every month while he remains in office.

Councilman Jesse Kerley said he disagreed with Souza saying that he had sat on the council for four years between 2006 and 2010 when public comments were never permitted. Said Kerley, “That has changed. People have the option to speak in public.” Kerley continued saying that the reason to redo the standing rules was because “people were getting up here grand standing and not speaking to the motion on the floor. We are here to conduct the city's business.”

Souza started to comment about the remarks Mr. Kerley made during a may special called meeting concerning the settlement with John Turner referring to “signs painted in a barn.” Kerley called point of order saying that Souza's comments had nothing to do with the item on the floor. Mayor Mayberry ruled against Mr. Kerley.

Souza asked to address the city attorney Will Ridley asking about the concept of violating the rules once making the rules then unenforceable as took place on separations between beer licensees and churches.

Ridley explained that there was a difference between ordinances that apply to all Crossville citizens and those that the council puts upon themselves. The standing rules and Robert's rules of order are ruled on by the mayor according to Ridley. If a council member does not agree with the ruling an appeal should be made at that time.

The motion on rescind the standing rules failed in a tie vote with Mr. Souza and Mayberry in favor and Mr. Kerley and councilman Danny Wyatt opposed. Pamala Harris was absent for the meeting.

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