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Sunday, June 5, 2016

June Regular Crossville City Council Meeting includes discussions of Public Comment, APEX Wind Farm and More

The Crossville city council has their regular June meeting scheduled for Thursday June 9 and agenda items include the council's standing rules once again, public comment and first amendment rights as well as a discussion on the Apex wind farm proposed for Crab Orchard.

In addition, a public hearing is scheduled for 5:30 pm prior to the regular meeting as well as the second readings of the budget and tax rate ordinances leaving one final reading for final approval expected to come later in the month.

The schedule for the evening includes
5:00 pm Audit committee meeting
5:30 pm Public hearing on proposed 2016-17 city budget.
5:50 pm Public hearing on annexation of 103 Meadowview Ln.
6:00 pm Regular Council meeting

The consent agenda includes the readings of the budget and tax rate unless a council member requests that they be pulled out for either discussion or separate vote. A long list of annual bids on supplies purchased for the upcoming year is expected to be a consent list as well and bids on several items including the infrared FLIR camera for the police department's drone are on the agenda.

For the third month in a row, councilman Pete Souza is asking the council to consider rescinding the council standing rules adopted March 10 this year that abolished the monthly work sessions and public comment except at the end of the council's meetings. The previous two times have been unsuccessful.

Another item requested for the agenda by Mr. Souza is titled “Discussion and possible action on failure to comply with the standard rules and Robert's Rules during the May 12, 2016 regular scheduled meeting, and violation of first amendment rights."  When asked about the item, Mr. Souza said it was about “the right for people to speak without being interrupted and the right of an individual to criticize public officials without abusive behavior. To be told that they couldn't say anything derogatory about elected officials is incorrect.” Souza continued by saying, “The council does not have the right to just blurt in and take over the council chambers without being recognized.”

Councilman Danny Wyatt has requested to discuss the impact of the Apex wind farm on Crossville. Wyatt also wants to discuss the proposed Crossville Memorial Airport Aviation Hall of Fame and recognizing former councilman, the late Boyd Wyatt, Sr. for his service and support of the airport.

Other agenda items include a presentation by Hospice, the city manager and city attorney reports, the marketing report and the final reading to approve the budget amendment to pay the severance package to former city manager David Rutherford.

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