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Monday, May 22, 2017

Council approves moving forward with Garrison Park plans and Centennial Park splash pad.

“I don't know why we wait til the very end on projects and decide to not do them,” commented Crossville Mayor James Mayberry during a discussion of the next steps on the redevelopment of Garrison Park.

“We've already executed the contract,” pointed out Mayberry after councilman Danny Wyatt sought to delay the project with a motion for the city attorney to review the contract and report back to the council at their next meeting. Councilman J. H. Graham seconded Wyatt's motiuon for the purposes of discussion.
Council discussing Garrison Park. L-R J.H. Graham,
Danny Wyatt, Mayor James Mayberry and Scot Shanks

City manager Greg Wood advised the council that the things in the grant would have to be done but there was some flexibility on matters of sidewalks and fencing.

Mayberry stated, “I've got it on pretty good authority they will use common sense in our disucssion request on the fence” and the city has sent a letter in reference to that.

Wyatt said his questions came up “because we wasn't told all this on the front end.” Mayberry said that the city could keep Field A at Garrison Park because the planned “multi-use field” is part of phase 2 of the plan and currently the funding and plans were only for Phase 1.

The motion failed in a tie vote with Wyatt and Graham voting in favor and Mayberry and councilman Scot Shanks opposed.
Council discussion on Garrison Park and
Centennial splash pad.

Mayor Mayberry moved that the city approve the contracts with Community Development Partners, the grant administrator and Lose and Associates, the engineer firm to design the work. Mayberry's motion also included first reading of a necessary budget amendment. Mr. Shanks gave a second for the motion.

With no further discussion, the vote included yes votes from Mayberry and Shanks. Wyatt voted no and Graham abstained. With councilwoman Pamala Harris not yet at the meeting and the abstention counted with the yes votes, the motion was approved.

Council moved then moved to discussion of the addition of a splash pad at Centennial Park to match the one planned for Garrison. Mr. Wyatt moved that the city put out a request for proposals for the design and construction of a splash pad.

Discussion revealed that the council had previously requested Hart Freeland Roberts to prepare a design for such an installation but no contact was ever brought back to the the city. Manager Wood has recommended that the previous action be rescinded and a new request be circulated. Mr Wyatt amended his motion to rescind the previous action.

Manager Wood suggested the city might be able to have to the two splash pads done together and be able to save some money on the work.

Wyatt's motion passed unanimously with yes votes from all four council memebers present. Ms. Harris arrived at the meeting following these actions.  

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