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Friday, August 4, 2017

Council work session reveals possible new businesses and possible downtown land purchase

During the Crossville city council's work session this week, discussion included two possible new businesses looking at Crossville.

While few details were discussed during the meeting, it appears that one business is seeking property in one of the city's industrial parks and seeking the $5,000 credit per job against the cost of the property that the city has offered to other industries. The second business was described as a national restaurant chain looking at the old Ryan's location.

City Manager Greg Wood spoke briefly about the company that was interested in possibly purchasing land from the city with a credit for the jobs brought in and said a decision would be coming before long on that. City attorney Ridley explained that the purchaser of the old Ryan's building was trying to pin down the right of way boundaries of the new Northwest Connector and where driveways could be placed. After brief discussion it appeared most of the attorney's questions were answered.

Council also discussed some possible property purchases in the downtown area including the old handle mill property next to the Art Circle Library. There remain a number of problems to work out including coming to an agreement on a purchase priced and other matters. In addition, the council discussed the possible purchase of a small piece of property at E. 2nd Street and Thurman Ave as an alternative.
City looking at property in blue as well as old handle mill
across 5th Street.

Ronnie Webb, the owner of the old handle mill property and a lot across E. 5th Street is currently asking $597,000 while the state appraisal value of the properties is listed at $193,000. Webb has tentatively agreed to take the middle of three appraisals but those appraisals would cost the city $9000 and city attorney Will Ridley has recommended that the city not agree to such a deal without a written agreement that Mr. Webb would pay the cost of the appraisals if he decides not to accept the price recieved through the appraisal process.

Councilman Danny Wyatt suggested the city consider property behind the courthouse that is currently being used as a parking lot. The property is a small half block owned by the Lewis Family Trust. City Manager Greg Wood will contact the owners about a price. Wood will also contact the railroad company about the remainder of their property that adjoins the handle mill property.
Lewis Property near library

Councilman Danny Wyatt felt the county should partner with the city on a downtown area property purchase as they would also benefit from the use of the property. Mr. Wood said the county's interest in partnering would be determined by the property's cost. He added that at the listed asking price the county would not be interested in sharing the cost.

The land purchase is not on the council's August meeting agenda waiting for additional information.  

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