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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Crossville police department earns state accreditation

After 18 months of hard work the Crossville police department has been recognized as an accredited agency by the Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police (TACP) through the Tennessee Law Enforcement Accreditation (TLEA) program.

The certificate was presented to Crossville Mayor James Mayberry and interim police chief Mark Rosser by Randy Evans, district representative of the TACP and chief of police for Cookeville. Evans described CPD's achievement in reaching “an such an important and much coveted milestone.” Evans added that the award recognizes much work and commitment.

Mayor James Mayberry, interim police chief Mark Rosser 
and Cookeville police chief Randy Evans

The accreditation program is voluntary with no requirement to participate in the program that consists of 161 standards that an agency must meet. Policy and directives are required and complaince with those 161 standards explained Evans. “It takes great commitment, dedication, and hard work by the agency head, agency personnel and city leaders to meet the standards,” said Evans.

According to Evans, most agencies take about 3 years to meet the standards while CPD was able to accomplish the certification program in some 18 months. Benefits of the program in addition to strong policies, non-discrimination and better management as well as reduced insurance costs.

The standards of excellence that have been met through the accreditation process should be looked upon with great respect,” concluded Evans.

The drive to accreditation began with a meeting between former city manager David Rutherford and former interim police chief Rod Shoap a short time after Shoap started at the city. Shoap explained that he had much experience with accreditation at both the state and national levels and the program was important to CPD because policies had not been changed since 1994 at the department.

Shoap offered his congratulations on the department's accomplishment and said the whole department  had worked on the project. Shoap said one of the biggest jobs was the auditing and reorganization of the department's evidence storage.

Interim chief Mark Rosser commented about the accomplishment, "The benefits of Accreditation are numerous and include sound written directives to help guide police officers, better management of information for sound decision making, fair and non-discriminatory personnel practices, as well as reduced insurance costs ($100 per officer through TML-RMP).  The standards of excellence that have been met through the accreditation process is looked upon with great pride by the Crossville Police Department. I am proud to recognize the hard work of this department and its staff."

Crossville PD is the 42nd agency in Tennessee to achieve accreditation in TLEA.

Rosser pointed out part of what the TACP says about the importance of accreditation, "the reason for the Policy is what we say we do. Proofs mandated by accreditation show that we do what we say. Next and just as importantly, the process does not end upon the award of accreditation. Our departments must maintain annual updates, and checks and balances to retain accreditation. This keeps us on the continual progressive trajectory of best practices and professional police service."

The initial accreditation is valid for a term of three years.  


  1. Good job Rod Shoap, Chief Rosser and others that helped. May this only continue to make the Department thrive.

    1. Great job Mark Rosser! You have done a great job! You were working on this in the beginning and diligently worked long and hard to see it through! Proud of you all!

  2. Great job to all involved and especially to Rod Shoap for getting the ball rolling and much of the work done before leaving the police department.