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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Crossville Police Officer who lost K-9 partner recognized at council meeting.

Crossville Police officer Lt. Bart Riden was recognized at last night's city council meeting over the loss of his K-9 partner Cain last week.

Crossville police chief David Beaty told the council that the community and police departments across the country were responding with sympathy messages and cards. “It was a tragic loss to lose that extension of out department,” said Beaty, and the extension to Lt. Riden's family.”

Lt. Riden was presented with a framed picture of his K-9 partner Cain.
Crossville Police Lt. Bart Riden, left, was recognized at
the August city council meeting and presented with
a photo of his K-9 partner Cain who was killed in the
line of duty August 2, 2017.  

Chief Beaty thanked a list of those who helped including the Upper Cumberland Veterinary Clinic, UT Veterinarians, Deputy Fire Chief Chris South, city manager Greg Wood, Billy Loggins and Mikki's Frame Shop. Beaty also advised the council of the events this week including the visitation Wednesday evening August 9 from 5 to 8 PM at the police department headquarters, the motorcade up Main Street on Thursday August 10 and what he described as “similar to a graveside service” at the Duer Soccer Complex.

Lt. Riden spoke and said he wanted to thank everyone for their support. He added the community support has been amazing, “There's times you get to thinking nobody really cares about what you do. They've shown here that they really do.”
K-9 Cain's name on Lt. Riden's police cruiser.

Riden told the council he was in the middle of remodeling his house and he can't go shop because people constantly want to stop him and give him a hug or shake hands and he doesn't know who they are. “It's really been amazing and proves that Crossville is a great place to be,” added Riden.

Chief Beaty summed up the comments saying that Cain had done what he was trained to do and Lt. Riden or any other officer wasn't injured in the incident.  

Following the discussion, councilman Danny Wyatt made a motion to name the city's dog park in memory of K-9 Cain.  Wyatt said no name had yet been chosen for the park.  Councilman J. H. Graham seconded the Motion and it passed unanimously.

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