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Monday, August 29, 2016

Blankenship court matters continued until November 29

The appeal of the $1500 fine levied by Crossville city judge Ivy Gardner against J. R. Blankenship along with the appeal of the granting of a restraining order against Blankenship requested by Gardner were both set for Judge Jonathan Young's court and have been continued to November 29.

The fine came from a flyer that was distributed in downtown Crossville asking for pictures of elected or appointed officials doing wrong.  Blankenship was cited under a city ordinance about the circulating of "unsigned flyers" that was passed in the 1960s and appears to never have been enforced until the incident earlier this year.

Blankenship is being represented by a Nashville attorney that handles cases involving free speech and the First Amendment as there are possible issues relating to Blankenship's rights in the case.  

In addition, the restraining order case that apparently stems from the court case will be heard on the November case as well.  A series of discovery questions has been requested by Blankenship's attorney in the case.  

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