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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Crossville Flashback: Political robo Calls did not come from city hall according to 2012 press release.

Crossville flashback: This was the press release put out by the city of Crossville and signed by then city manager Bruce Wyatt following the first batch of robo calls that spoofed the phone number and appeared to have been made from Crossville city hall. The push poll targeted then incumbent city councilman Boyd Wyatt who was running for reelection in the 2012 race.  In the following year after an investigation by the District Attorney's office it was discovered that the calls were ordered and paid for by then candidate Jesse Kerley.  While then DA Randy York said the action violated state law, Mr. Kerley was not prosecuted.

City of Crossville
August 17, 2012

Recently, a series of politically motivated telephone calls, commonly known as “robo calls” or “push polls”, were made or initiated the evening of August 16th to residents of the City of Crossville. These calls appeared on caller i.d. as being from “City Hall” or 931-484-5113; some calls even stated, “This is City Hall”. Please be assured, these calls were NOT placed from City Hall, nor were they placed by City staff.

The City of Crossville does not and has not endorsed, promoted, or otherwise campaigned for or against any political candidate. We are committed to maintaining a professional approach to the upcoming political season and refuse to inject ourselves into any campaign. We hope there will be no more misuse or misappropriation of the City’s name and telephone numbers.

Bruce Wyatt
City Manager

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