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Monday, August 8, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Crossville city councilman Pete Souza announces he will not seek reelection

In an exclusive interview with Crossville city councilman Pete Souza, he said he would not be seeking reelection to the council in the upcoming November 8 election.

Souza added that his decision has nothing to do with the matter of his assault allegations against councilman Jesse Kerley, but said, “I wanted to see if we were going to have good candidates to come out that that would take care of the city and city employees. If there was not going to be good candidates, that pulled papers, I would have ran. But I feel that we have good candidates for the people to choose from.”

Souza continued, “At that time I decided that it as best for the city to move on and let them get the house back in order. “I'm not going to mention any names, but when I saw three good names out there, I felt comfortable that things will work itself out.”

“I said to the public that they would get 4 years of my life and they got four years, but I didn't want to announce way early. It's my deepest desire that come November election that we get two new people in there with the insight to work with the city mayor and get this city hall straightened out,” Souza concluded.    

Crossville councilman Pete Souza

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