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Monday, August 1, 2016

Power outage caused by truck wreck. Power and traffic now restored.

Power was out in areas on the south side of Crossville and the Homesteads for about 30-45 minutes this morning.  The outage was caused when a tractor trailer truck caught a power line and tore down some lines along with a service pole and transformer.  Traffic through the area was rerouted through Brookhaven Subdivision for around an hour but all traffic is restored and most of the power is as well. 

Traffic was backed up in both directions on 127 south of Crossville from the 
accident scene.  It could have been much worse if the yard sale was in full force.

A power service pole that was once behind a house was ripped up and thrown across the highway by the force of the truck catching a line. 

This was the original location of the pole.  It was pulled completely down and thrown across the highway.  Note what's left of the transformer lying on the ground at left. 

Numerous emergency vehicles responded to the scene of the accident

The accident happened near the Physicians Associates office near the entrance to Brookhaven.  Traffic was diverted through the subdivision for a time.  The truck involved is at right in this photo. 

In order to get the highway reopened, members of the Crossville fire and police departments removed the damaged trim from the truck so it could be moved.  

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