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Thursday, August 11, 2016

With one week to the deadline 8 city council candidates have qualified

Two additional names have qualified to appear on the November 8 ballot for the two expiring city council seats.

The newly qualified candidates are Jerry T. "J.J." Brownstead and Charles Cooper Jr. This brings the number of candidates vying for 2 council seats to a total of 8.

Previously qualified candidates included:

1) J. H. Graham, former mayor and councilman
2) Robert E. "Rob" Harrison, 
3) Terri L. Manning
4) Jeanette W. Parsons
5) Scot Shanks
6) David E. Warner, former city councilman who served from Jan 1985-Dec 1992

In addition, several candidates have taken out qualifying papers but have not yet turned them back in. The deadline to return the petitions with at least 25 registered city voters signatures is August 18 at noon. 

1) Barry Field (Field actually lives outside of the city limits and appears to be ineligible to run.) 
2) Jesse Kerley, currently holding one of the council seats up for election
3) Jack E. Miller, former Crossville city manager
4) Ronnie D. Wyatt, owner of Wyatt Construction

Candidates who qualify do have a week after the August 18 deadline to remove thier name from consideration if they choose to do so.

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