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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Crossville city council majority approves three year commitment for golf tournaments sponsorship at total cost of $150,000

A majority of the Crossville city council approved an additional three yeas of sponsorship on the Tennessee Women's and the Tennessee Senior Men's open golf tournaments.

The cost of each tournament sponsorship is $25,000 a year and a total cost over the three years is $150,000.  The item was approved during the council's regular September meeting.  

Crossville city council 

Councilman Pete Souza said he was concerned about the length time of the extension, and committing the city to the funds for a three year period. Souza continued, “If we commit this, that's it, the council persons elect will not have anything to say about this. They can not rescind this. I would think it would be better to wait until after the election and let those new council persons join in and vote this.”

Souza concluded his remarks saying that he would not support the action “because what we do today we impose on the next council for the next three years.”

Councilman Jesse Kerley asked Mayor James Mayberry if there was a motion on the floor as much discussion had already taken place including a lengthy explanation by city marketing director Bill Loggins. Mayberry said no and ask if there was a motion,

Councilman Danny Wyatt moved to approve the commitment and a second came from Mr. Kerley.

Wyatt asked Mr. Loggins what he though the Tennessee Professional Golfers' Association (TPGA) would do if the city waited three months to act on the matter? Would they be looking for a new location? Loggins said, “They would for the women's open.”

Mayor Mayberry remarked that as many years as the city has worked with the TPGA, I don't see why they wouldn't take a tentative approval.”

Mr. Kerley reminded the mayor that he had told a large crowd at the end of the women's open that he would see them next year.

Councilwoman Pamala Harris asked manager Steve Hill if the city had any potential sponsors to help pay for the cost. Hill said they did but not anyone he was ready to announce yet. Harris said that it difficult to determine exactly the benefit to the community from sponsoring these tournaments but she said often when talking to recent residents they say the way they found Crossville was coming here to play golf.

One of the tournaments, the Men's Senior Open coming up in May is already budgeted in the current fiscal year.

After some additional discussion, the motion was not amended and a roll call vote was approved with 3 ayes from Wyatt, Harris and Kerley. Mr. Souza and Mayor Mayberry voted against the motion.

City council's discussion on golf tournament sponsorships. 

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