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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Souza letter to auditors requests review of several items to be included in the current city audit.

As the final months of two councilmen's terms head toward conclusion, a rash of final information requests and reports are coming out.

Councilman Pete Souza has written a letter he delivered at the end of last weeks audit committee meeting addressed to the auditors Maultin and Jenkins, CPA/LLC who have started their work on the city books requesting that they look into 4 items at his request and make the responses part of their audit report for the 2015-16 fiscal year.

Those 4 items listed in his letter include:

  1. “The use of a city vehicle for personal use by interim city manager Steve Hill, whose authorization was not part of his contract, or authorized by a quorum of the City Council in a public meeting advertised or recorded. (City personnel ordinance paragraph 1-707, 2 and paragraph 1-708 and the city charter germane.
  2. The execution of administrative action by interim city manager Steve Hill to grant himself and other members (selectively) to recreate (play golf) during normal work hours without authority granted in an open meeting, advertised and proper announced by the City council.
  3. Review the policy of the city or the lack of policy by the City that (since 2007) Crossville Aero (fixed base operator), management supervisory for Crossville Airport, airport manager Crossville Aero be allowed under an honor system to pay fuel fees to the City. This even though at public meeting evidence was presented of conflicts with fuel payments and fuel delivery numbers. The determination that the difference of $2000 is insufficient to warrant auditing.
  4. To review the City policy to allow Crossville Aero the use of a City vehicle and City tractor in conflict with the current contract and a legal opinion from the City attorney and the City charter.”
The audit is expected to be completed near the end of this year.

When councilman Jesse Kerley saw the list at the audit committee meeting he said it was "trash."

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  1. What else would you expect Jesse Luke Clinton to say?