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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Important stories you missed if you depend on other news outlets. Stay informed with Jim Young Reporter!

This week, if you got your news from Jim Young Reporter you would have read these important stories that you didn't get from any other media outlet!

  1. The very first media outlet in Tennessee to report that retired judge John Turnbull's house was attacked by serial arsonist in Livingston, Tennessee.
  2. The only local news media that presented photos of two council member's vehicles parked outside of Beef and Barrel following a council called meeting.
  3. The only local media that reported on the recommendations of the city's consultant after interim city manager Steve Hill removed items from his own personnel file.
  4. Photos of J. H. Graham election signs in the yard of former councilman Wendell Kerley across from city hall.
Are you getting the important news you need to be seeing? The news you want to read is at or on Facebook @jimyoungreporter. 

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