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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Downtown Crossville dressed for fall.

It was a bright fall morning today and a great time to get a few pictures of Main St, in Crossville dressed up for the season.  Downtown Crossville, Inc puts up the light pole decorations and several businesses have their own decorations too.  Enjoy!
All rights reserved, Photos (C) 2016 by Jim Young

Crossville Depot donor walk where the rails used to run

Entrance to the Depot shop run by C.A.T.S.

Fall decorations on Main Street courtesy of DCI.

Some businesses have their own fall decorations. 

It was a gorgeous morning for coffee on the sidewalk too. 

Military Museum, center, flanked by the Chamber of Commerce
 and the Milo Lemmert Courthouse annex (old Post Office)

The Military Memorial Park has been a part of Downtown Crossville for years.  
Recently the Post-9-11 memorial was added. 

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