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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Livingston Arson suspect held on $750,000 bond. A long night for law enforcement and district attorney.

UPDATE: One of the houses involved was a house occupied by former 13th district Circuit court judge John Tunbull and his daughter Amy Hollars, a 13th judicial district circuit court judge.  This would appear to explain the interest in the matter and the involvement of multiple agencies and the District Attorney General Bryant Dunaway who appeared in Livingston court this morning.  

 General Dunaway said two residences were a total loss and one room in Turnbull's house was heavily damaged by incendiary devices thrown through a window.  In addition, according to Dunaway Booher allegedly stole a truck and and burned his own vehicle. 

Currently Booher faces one count of aggravated arson but General Dunaway said there would be definitely more charges to come.  The instigation is still ongoing.  Dunaway added that Booher may not have meant to target the Judges home but a family members instead.  

A Livingston man was in Overton Co. general session court this morning for an initial appearance following his arrest early this morning on Arson charges.

The case of Calvin Booher has been continued to October 20 and an initial bond of $250,000 was raised to $750,000.

Calvin Booher, wearing the yellow jumpsuit made an initial appearance on arson charges 
in Overton Co. General Session Court this morning. 

Three house fires are under investigation and sources say one of the homes belonged to a former judge and two of the three houses involved were occupied at the time of the fires.  The investigation is on going.

Suspect Calvin Booher's Facebook page. 

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