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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Interim city manager Steve Hill survives attempt to dismiss him. Kerley a no show at meeting

During the Crossville city council meeting an item came before the council put on the agenda by Councilman Pete Souza for “discussion and action on removal and replacement of interim city manager.”

Councilman Souza moved to terminate Hill as of midnight October 13, day of the meeting.  The motion received a second from Mayor James Mayberry.

Interim city manager Steve Hill, left, listens to councilman Pete Souza discuss 
Souza's motion to dismiss Hill as the manager.  

“Everybody is tired of the trash,” began Souza, “tired of the trash in the city and tired of the trash in the national election. I have a long list of reasons why, but I don't see a point in going over everything. I will if this council so desires. But I don't see the point in going over everything. I believe that when each council member came here to this meeting tonight, they'd already made up their minds on what they are going to do on this agenda item. This is an important agenda item and I can't imagine that any member of this council having not considered it before they came.”

Souza continued, “The trust of the individuals out there in our community towards the government and the city is essential to the growth of this city. I don't believe Mr. Hill has demonstrated sound leadership traits, administrative skills and executive skills.”

Councilwoman Pam Harris spoke on the matter. She had originally requested a similar item be placed on the agenda but removed her item after finding out Mr. Souza had placed his item on the agenda. Said Harris, “I really considered this greatly. I've even talked to Mr. Hill as to whether he would even be interested in transitioning out.

Harris continued, “I have some heartburn about this because there's a right way and wrong way to do things and we're so close to the election. And after the election we're probably within a couple of months of hiring a permanent city manager and hopefully entering into a time of healing for the community and our city. I'm not so sure that this is really going to help matters.”

Mayor Mayberry called for a roll call vote that ended in a tie vote with Souza and Mayberry in favor and Wyatt and Harris opposed. The motion failed.

While councilman Jesse Kerley did not attend the meeting to cast a vote at least two witnesses reported seeing his vehicle parked across the street from city hall prior to and after the meeting.

Hill had attempted to keep the item concerning his position off of the council's agenda but was unable to do so.  Hill does not control the council's agenda

Exclusive Video of Crossville city council discussing fate of
interim city manager Steve Hill

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