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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Man who said he was tired of election facing charges for damaging Courthouse lawn political signs.

While many people are tired of the election and the political signs put up everywhere, not many people go to the lengths a young man did in Crossville Tuesday morning.

Everyday for early voting, supporters and candidates put signs up on the courthouse lawn hoping to catch the eyes of early voters heading to the election commission office across the street to vote.  This morning a young man who told police he was tied of the election allegedly came through the courthouse lawn and kicked all the signs down that had been set up just before 8 AM.

The man taken into custody was identified as David Mackie and he was placed under $2500 bond.

Crossville police hold a suspect while investigating vandalism of political signs 
on the courthouse lawn

One candidate who was putting up signs after the incident told this reporter that he had been eating breakfast at McDonalds that morning and had seen the young man kicking down signs along 127-N as well.  The young man was taken into custody by Crossville police and is expected to face vandalism related charges.

25th District State Representative and candidate for reelection Cameron Sexton, front, 
checks the damage to his political signs

Some of the dozens of Political signs damaged in the incident.

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