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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Court appearance by councilman Jesse Kerley on assault charges scheduled for Thursday October 6th

After a one month continuance, the first court appearance by Crossville city councilman Jesse Kerley to face assault charges for the incident June 2 following a council work session is expected in Cumberland County general sessions court on October 6th.

Crossville councilman Jesse Kerley
The charges allege that Kerley assaulted councilman Pete Souza as both men were leaving the city hall building.  The incident was caught on video by a surveillance camera inside the city hall lobby.

Crossville city hall lobby surveillance camera video

Councilman Kerley was served with a summons on the charge that read in part, “Mr. Souza was attending a meeting at city hall. After the meeting Mr. Kerley confronted Mr. Souza. During that time, Mr. Souza got hit in the shoulder and the chest. Mr. Kerley did intentionally or knowingly cause Mr. Souza to reasonably fear imminent bodily injury. Said offense occurred in Cumberland Co. Tennessee.”

Reports at the time indicate councilman Kerley's father, who was not charged in this incident made a comment about Souza's help in making signs in the yard at a Mocking bird Drive residence.  Those signs have recently resulted in misdemeanor theft charges against Jerry Kerley after the signs disappeared at 9 AM Friday morning.  The incident was captured on video and following an investigation by the DA's office the signs were recovered and the charges placed.

Kerley is being represented by Crossville attorney Kevin Bryant and according to Mr. Souza the district attorney's office is prosecuting the case. The charge is a class A misdemeanor with a maximum penalty of 11 months and 29 days in jail and/or a fine of $2500.

1 comment:

  1. Kirley was let off a DUI in front of this same judge (Warner). Is that an indication of what will happen in this same court? Guess we will find out today. Will justice prevail or will the legal system empower and embolden the Kerely clan to continue to terrorize a whole community. My fear is that this will lead to a wild wild west mentality where everyone starts carrying a loaded gun to ensure they are safe from such threats. Pamela Harris has already boasted about being a card carrying gun owner which any expert in gun ownership (including the NRA) will tell you is a very stupid move. For a public official to do this is very irresponsible.

    I realize there are some from other parts of the country that will disagree in favor of a Montana militia mentality which does not fit in a more civil community like Crossville, TN. Anyone trained in defense will tell you to keep your capabilities to yourself. Any different is nothing more than an ignorance show of force or the lack of.