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Monday, October 10, 2016

Jerry Kerley and William Harwell face political signs theft charges in General Sessions Court October 31

Summonses on theft charges have been issued to Jerry Kerley, father of Crossville city councilman Jesse Kerley and director of water resources for the city of Crossville along with the man who allegedly accompanied him to Mockingbird Drive where the men were caught on tape after allegedly taking political signs from the yard.

Frame capture from neighbor's video.  The full video is below.

William Harwell was also charged in the incident in the affidavits signed by district attorney's investigator Randal Slayton.  The charge against both men is theft of property less then $500.  Both men are set for an initial appearance date in general session court on October 31, 2016.

The signs taken had Kerley's name on most of them and accused the councilman of being a "liar," "trash," and "abuse of office." The missing signs have reportedly been returned to owner Randy Blankenship.

Mockingbird Drive signs before the theft.

The facts according to the statement of Mr. Slayton are:  "Jerry Kerley/William Harwell have committed the offense of theft of property by knowingly obtaining and exercising and exercising control over property of another without the owner's effective consent with intent to deprive.  On 9/30/2016 Jerry Kerley intended to deprive Randy Blankenship of his property when he took signs, valued at less then $500, from Randy Blankenship at 279 Mockingbird Drive, Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee and exercised control over the property withing Randy Blankenship's effective consent.  I therefore charge the above with theft of property under $500."

EXCLUSIVE video shot by neighbor


  1. While on the job. Will the city fire Jerry Kerely?

  2. If the city doesn't fire Jerry Kerely is the city up for a lawsuit as their employee stole from the Blankenship hone while acting on behalf of the city.