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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

City of Crossville has "No Comment" on employee charged with theft of signs and the connection to the Crossville airport.

A request for an official statement by the city of Crossville on city employee Jerry Kerley being summonsed to court on theft charges in connection with missing political signs from a house on Mockingbird Drive, part of which was caught on video, the connection to the Crossville airport shown by city security cameras there and the confirmation by the district attorney that the signs were recovered on the airport property was "no comment."

An email was sent to the city's marketing and PR director Bill Loggins over the weekend and with no response by the end of the day Monday, we stopped by city hall Tuesday and spoke with interim city manager Steve Hill.  Hill explained that the email had been forwarded to him by Loggins and he had forwarded it to Crossville city attorney Will Ridley who, according to Hill, advised that the city should not make a comment.

Crossville water resources director Jerry Kerley and Crossville airport employee William Harwell will face theft charges in general session court on Thursday November 10.  According to the clerks office both men are represented by attorney Jimmy Smith.

Neighbor's cell phone video image

The alleged theft took place on the morning of September 30 and a neighbor captured video of two men leaving the Mockingbird Drive property after removing a number of political charged signs critical of Crossville city councilman Jesse Kerley who is the son of suspect Jerry Kerley.

First story on sign theft with exclusive video captured by neighbor.

Charges filed against Kerley and Harwell in sign theft

A freedom of information request was filed requesting security camera videos from the Crossville airport for the morning of the incident and they revealed the truck owned by Jerry Kerley and the suspects Kerley and Harwell met at the airport, left there just prior to the alleged theft then returned to the airport.
Crossville airport security camera image

Jesse Kerley has previously stated at several council meeting that he and airport manager and fixed base operator Chris Bennett are friends.

Airport security videos raise questions about sign theft incident.

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