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Friday, October 28, 2016

Cumberland Homestead Tower Association dedicates flag pole

What started as a request for something to use as a flag pole at the historic Homesteads Tower turned into a community effort that secured a new flag pole and local organisations that cooperated to help get the pole installed.

Group gathered for the flag pole dedication.

The new flag pole was dedicated Friday October 28 and a group of Cumberland Homestead Tower Association (CHTA) board members, supporters and community members turned out to dedicate the pole and two new flags.

Left to right, Levonn Hubbard,  State Rep. Cameron Sexton and 
Vicky Vaden display the US Flag.

The ceremony opened with an accepella rendition of the National Anthem by Rob Baker and an invocation by CHTA board member Charles Tollett.

Board member Levonn Hubbard recognized several local businesses and community organizations that helped make the project possible.  Hubbard said that city engineer Tim Begley had helped in his spare time to oversee the installation and Volunteer Energy Coop had brought equipment needed to dig the hole for the installation of the pole.
New flag pole from the tower

The pole was supplied by the Woodmen of the World and with the assistance of Flynn's Signs bucket truck the pole was installed.  An American and Tennessee flag was presented to the CHTA by State Representative Cameron Sexton.  

With the help of Hubbard and Baker, Tim Begley raised the two flags on the new pole and the Pledge of Allegiance as well as the salute tot he Tennessee flag were recited by those gathered.
Raising the flags.

The group now hopes to get a flag pole for the Homestead house museum as well.  For more information about the Tower and Homestead house museums, like them on Facebook or visit their webpage.

Homestead Tower

Beautiful fall view from the top of the tower looking 
toward the Cumberland Mountain State Park.


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  3. Very informative with outstanding pictures to record the event.