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Monday, October 3, 2016

DA now investigating Mockingbird Dr. sign theft. Crossville councilman Jesse Kerley listed as suspect in police report.

The police report on the theft of signs incident from the yard of a house on Mockingbird Drive lists two suspects as Jesse Kerley and his father Jerry Kerley. In addition, the license tag number reported by a witness is to a White 2008 Chevy pickup truck that is registered to Jerry Kerley.

The incident happened Friday morning at around 9:00 am and the report was written by city police officer Joel Stevens. The victim is listed on the report as 54 year old J. R. Blankenship and the value of the signs was listed as $500.00.

Still from the witness video showing truck registered 
to Jerry Kerley, father of councilman Jesse Kerley.

According to Crossville police detective J. C. Hancock who initially began working on the investigation, the case has been turned over by the district attorney's office for further investigation.

Crossville councilman Danny Wyatt was asked for comments about the incident and said “I don't know how you comment on something like that.”

Councilman Pete Souza, who had been accused by the Kerleys of having something to do with the signs put up by Blankenship and may have led to the altercation between Souza and councilman Kerley said, “This action goes beyond responsible behavior and the parties involved are out of control.”

Witness video

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