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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Jerry Kerley and William Harwell agree to pre-trial diversion in sign theft case

In the case involving theft charges related to signs taken from a Mockingbird Drive property on September 30, the 2 defendants, Crossville water resources director Jerry Kerley and William Harwell both took pre-trial diversion on the misdemeanor theft charges. 

Both men will serve 6 months on probation.

According to the state of Tennessee's website, "Pretrial Diversion is governed by TCA 40-15-105 and is also referred to as a suspended prosecution. It is important to note that the individual has not pled guilty or been found guilty yet. A person may be granted Pretrial Diversion if the requirements as stated in the statute are met. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is entered into by the District Attorney and the Defendant. The Defendant must meet the terms of the MOU. If the terms are not met, the prosecution is no longer suspended and the District Attorney is allowed to proceed with the case. If the Defendant chooses to, there can be a trial. When the diversion period is successfully completed, the Defendant asks the court to submit an Order of Expungement to TBI marked Suspension of Prosecution TCA 40-15-105."

Still image from neighbor's video

Mockingbird Drive yard signs

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