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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Souza issues response to lack of any council action on ethics complaints at November regular city council meeting.

(Councilman Pete Souza sent out the following email early Sunday morning in response to the November regular city council meeting.)

Given the events of the last council meeting on subject agenda items it is noted that none of the agenda items I placed on the agenda were presented.  The meeting was adjourned before those agenda items were discussed, additionally it is noted at this time that the opportunity to produce all
evidence and witnesses were denied. 

Effectively all ethics charges remain pending resolution by the city council. It is further noted that the fiduciary responsibility rest with the council to resolve this issue and the serious nature of many of these charges can not be resolved by walking out. The failure of the council to perform its responsibility in light of ethical, criminal, and city policies is arguably both a conflict of the charter and gross negligence.  

Mr Ridley you may want to take care in the response to this, I feel that your response will have a far reaching impact on the city. Such request as you may reasonably request for additional legal opinions should include all data provided to you and the council.

It is further noted that a campaign of harassment on witnesses was conducted following the meeting.

Pete Souza

Ms Oglesby please place a hard copy of this in my box and I suggest that you place a copy in the the ethics file. Also please forward a copy of this to the DA s office.

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