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Friday, November 4, 2016

Record early vote turn out in Cumberland County and statewide. 2665 votes cast in Crossville election.

A record 1.6 million voters turned out to early vote in Tennessee's November 8 election.  Cumberland County also broke their record with 16,832 in person voters and a total ballots cast of 17,746 through November 3.

Local election officials say another 200 mail in ballots are out and could come in to be counted.

In the City of Crossville election, 2665 ballots were cast early out of 6342 registered city voters eligible to vote.  42 percent of city voters have already cast their ballots in the city council race.

County voters who have voted early totaled 44 percent of those eligible.

Voters who did not early vote can still cast a ballot on the official election day November 8 at their regular precinct location.  

There were frequently lines to early vote.

Daily totals of early ballots cast:
2016-10-19 1,987
2016-10-20 1,455
2016-10-21 1,473
2016-10-22 528
2016-10-24 1,545
2016-10-25 1,564
2016-10-26 1,490
2016-10-27 1,366
2016-10-28 1,397
2016-10-29 553
2016-10-31 1,233
2016-11-01 993
2016-11-02 1,040
2016-11-03 1,122

County Totals 17,746

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