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Friday, November 11, 2016

After 2 wrecks and 3 fatalities, I-40 a parking lot Friday afternoon.

Initial reports of a truck explosion at the 320 exit of I-40 on the westbound side tide put traffic at a standstill and backed up for miles.  A second accident was reported a short time later at around the 317 mile mark.  UT's Lifestar medical chopper was dispatched and landed at the 320 exit before taking off to transport one patient to Knoxville hospital.

Initial reports say that a semi truck without a trailer crossed the median and struck a truck in the westbound side head on at around 1:30 PM central time.  The two truck cabs were totally destroyed and numerous cars that were on the trailer were thrown into the side of the exit.  Billows of black smoke came from the fuel tanks on the two cabs that caught fire.  Three fatalities were reported in the accident.

Traffic through Crossville was becoming very heavy as I-40 traffic was getting off at Peavine Road and going through town.

All photos (c) 2016 by Jim Young Reporter.
Accident site from the bridge at Cook Rd.

Lifestar coming in for a landing

Lifestar waiting to load.

Part of the truck in the initial accident

Destroyed truck cab left of center.

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