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Monday, November 28, 2016

Majority of Crossville city council turn down Dunn Ave. sidewalk proposal.

Crossville city council once again turned down a request to build a sidewalk along Dunn Avenue near Walmart and between Interstate Drive and Matherly Drive.

Property owners in the area have offered to pay half the cost of materials to build the sidewalk with the city funding the other half and the construction labor using city crews. This proposal had been originally made two years ago by the property owners and had been discussed at least twice before. At one point previous city manager David Rutherford had recommended that the property owners pay the full material cost and the project be ranked along with other sidewalk projects in the city.

As the item was put back on the November agenda, councilman Danny Wyatt took the lead on discussion and reviewed the history of the proposal. Wyatt moved to approve the project under the original proposal that the property owners pay 50 percent. Councilman Jesse Kerley supported the motion.

Councilwoman Pamala Harris described the matter as a valid request, but she added, “There are many, many other places in Crossville that need sidewalks.” Harris mentioned the lack of sidewalks along part of Webb Avenue from the Methodist Church to the Library as a place she would like to see fixed. She said that she wanted to look at all the sidewalk projects to be ranked and planned.

Councilman Pete Souza pointed out that the proposal was one that had been previously turned down by the council. According to his estimates, Souza believes that the property owners paying half the material would mean they only pay about one-fourth of the total cost. Souza added that he felt the property owners could do better and pay about half the cost.

The motion failed with council members Wyatt and Kerley in favor and members Harris, Souza and Mayor James Mayberry opposed.   

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