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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Souza email comments on numerous issues including phone harassment and ugly political sign incident.

(Editor's note: This email was sent to the city this morning from councilman Pete Souza.  It is a public record.)

Before I begin I would like to remind the council that there is a EEOC complaint among other things listing a violation of the whistle blower act. That being persons reporting violations are protected from acts of retaliation, I am sure Mr Ridley can clarify that.

For some time now a person or persons has been harassing citizens of the city and county with phone calls who list other people's numbers as the source. This similar to the 2012 Robo Calls erroneously listing the city phone number as the source. Last Thursday this harassment level increased significantly. Phone numbers erroneously listed were mine, Rodney Shoap, and others. In the past this action was reported To the CPD and the DA. That's fine this child like behavior can be expected,
but the people being harassed can of course seek civil action which well may be the case. Where I am concerned Sally in your capacity as city clerk I am informing you that my phone number will be discontinued this date and will be unlisted as result of this abuse.

You are all aware of last weeks signs commonly referred to as the Methberry signs. On the signs it states the mayor as corrupt, incompetent, can not Pass a drug test is Pete Souzas Bitch, ect... That's fine but here is some thing to think about. Shortly the person responsible will be identified and let it be known that person caused harm to innocent people.

Normal procedure for sign complaints is Vulgar or unlawful signs are picked up by the street department to be recovered by the owner. Signage Is governed by a city ordinance.

Here is what happened in this case, reports of the sign was called into the city (Sally Oglesby) who in turn called Chief Rosser. Chief Rosser called the city manager Steve Hill. Steve alleges he called the city attorney Will Ridley who told him to tape over the sign portion with the word bitch and leave it up. I spoke with Chief Rosser who confirmed this story yesterday. Once again I remind all parties of the whistle blower Act..

I'll let Mr Ridley make what ever comments he may on this since it is Steve Hills assertion that he was following instructions from the city attorney.  Although it is a given the city attorney only has the power to advise so I would be skeptical to the authentication of the facts. I am not skeptical
of the honesty of Chief Rosser who works directly for Steve Hill.

It was also reported that early that morning in Billy Loggins' office the city manager and Mr Loggins' and the city manager were having a good laugh about the signs.

I wonder what recourse is going to come to the originator of the sign, Mr Hill who's primary responsibility is to enforce city ordinances and safeguard the city from wrongful litigation. The parties injured were children and I assure you the parents are taking this serious.

By the way Mr Hill all city employees have to take a drug test. The last time I checked you were the only city employee not in compliance.

Ms Oglesby please insure that the council elects and Chief Rosser gets a copy of this E Mail.

Pete Souza

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