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Friday, July 14, 2017

Car-motorcycle accident ties up 127-N traffic this morning in Crossville

An accident involving a car and a motorcycle tied up north bound traffic on US 127-N in front of the Burkes shopping center this morning around 10 AM.

Emergency workers tend to the injured motorcycle
rider just after the wreck.

The motorcycle rider was taken by ambulance from the scene after being placed on a back board.  He was conscious at the time he was taken from the scene.  It appeared that the car involved was attempting to cross the north bound lane of 127 as the driver was leaving the shopping center and struck the motorcycle as he was travelling northbound on the highway.  There is no traffic light at the intersection where the accident occurred.

The car and motorcycle involved are on the left in this photo

The injured motorcycle rider is taken from the scene.

The car involved appeared to have Ohio state license plates and the motorcycle had plates that appeared to be marked for Rhode Island.  Neither of the drivers involved has been identified yet.

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1 comment:

  1. A lot of bikers are in the area for the Southern Backroads Harley rally over in Cookeville. Please drive carefully and watch out for them.