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Saturday, July 1, 2017

CROSSVILLE FLASHBACK: Recapping one year since interim police chief Rod Shoap's resignation

It's been one year since interim police chief Rod Shoap resigned after saying he was tired of waiting on the city to hire him as the full time chief. The original story of Shoap's resignation at the link just below remains the most read story ever posted on the Jim Young Reporter news blog

Former interim Crossville Police
Chief Rod Shoap

Following Shoap's resignation, Major Mark Rosser was sworn in as interim chief. After serving in that position for 6 months, the city hired back previously retired police chief David Beaty. As of June 30, exactly one year after Shoap's resignation, Rosser retired from the city and taken a position with Fairfield Glade Security.

Mark Rosser sworn in by Mayor James Mayberry

The day following Shoap's resignation, both then councilman Jesse Kerley and interim city manager Steve Hill reacted to the resignation and comments made by Mr. Shoap. Mr. Kerley stated that he wouldn't be surprised if Mr. Shoap got the city sued. Ironically, Mr. Shoap ended up suing the city and Mr. Kerley in federal court for age discrimination, libel and slander. The case remains under litigation.

Former city councilman
Jesse Kerley

Former interim city manager
Steve Hill

Kerley phone call following Shoap resignation. 

Shoap posted an open letter about his resignation on his Facebook page including a reference to texts from Councilman Jesse Kerley.  

On July 3rd, Former city manager David Rutherford speculated that a big part of the reason he was fired was because he proposed to hire Shoap to the police chief position full time. Rutherford said his decision to try and hire Shoap as full police chief led Kerley to demand the city manager's resignation.

Former city manager David Rutherford

Then in August 2016, interim city manager Steve Hill was asked in followup about the investigation that he and councilman Jesse Kerley claimed was started against Rod Shoap concerning treatment of a female police officer. Hill stated at that time that there was no investigation that he knew of and called it simply “talk.”

Steve Hill responds to question on alleged
Shoap investigation

Ultimately, Rod Shoap filed a law suit against the city and councilman Kerley claiming age discrimination along with slander and libel as a result of the actions and comments.  The lawsuit remains unresolved.

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