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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Crosville council approves new solid waste contract with Cumberland Waste Disposal

Even though the Crossville city council was not in complete agreement with some of the terms in the contract they went ahead with approval of the new agreement for solid waste pickup during the regular July council meeting.

Council began discussing the situation on the renewal of the contract or rebidding the waste pickup at the first of 2017 as the current contract with Cumberland Waste Disposal expired in August. After several discussions on the subject, council decided to rebid the contract.

While CWD was the only bidder, the new contract is expected to save the city money as council has decided to take over the collection of leaves and yard waste with city employees. City manager Wood and street superintendent Kevin Music both recommend the approval. The new 5 year contract reduces the annual cost by some $121,000 annually. The new contract uses the property appraiser's classification for residential and commercial and the question of mobile home parks is answered in the city's ordinance originally passed on 1973 and updated in 1998 requiring that they provide refuse collection in their parks.

City council discussion on solid waste
contract approval

City attorney Will Ridley addressed the council's concerns saying that some of the things the council wanted changed would have required the rebidding of the contract and he did not recommend that action. Ridley told the council that he was able to negotiate a few minor changes they sought that CWD agreed to.
Crossville city council members L-R J. H. Graham,
Danny Wyatt, Mayor James Mayberry, Pam Harris
and Scot Shanks. 

Council member Pamala Harris moved to approve the agreement and a second was given by council member Scot Shanks. Council member J. H. Graham asked for clarification and city manager Greg Wood explained that the city had budgeted $40,000 for a leaf collection truck and expects to use current employees for the leaf collection program.

The motion was approved unanimously.   

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