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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Crossville council to consider reestablishing airport committee, Chamber contract and other items during Tuesday work session

After abolishing the Crossville Airport Committee ten years ago the Crossville city council will discuss bringing it back during the upcoming council work session Tuesday August 1st at 5:00 PM.

The Crossville Memorial Airport opened in 1934 and the first airport committee, made up mainly of local pilots was formed in the 1950's. The year 2007 saw a number of changes at the airport including the ending of the airport committee because the airport had an airport manager. The reestablishment of the airport committee discussion will be lead by city manager Greg Wood.
Crossville Memorial Airport building

Other topics on the work session include the contract between the city and the Chamber of Commerce in exchange for their funding as well as stopping the monthly report by the chamber to the council during their regular meeting.

The contract covers services that that the chamber will provide including industrial recruitment, retiree recruitment, tourism attraction, existing industry programming, leadership development, and downtown development. The chamber would receive $77,400 in exchange for the services provided. One of the things the chamber has been working on is a score card covering the services that it would provide to the city monthly that includes all the topics listed as well as work on workforce development and chamber membership numbers.
Chamber of Commerce building

For sometime, chamber director Brad Allamong has been reporting to the council during their regular meeting and the item for discussion suggests that the report could be provided with the city manager's report to save time during the council meeting and save Allamong a trip to the council meeting.

With the current lessee of the Crossville depot not interested in continuing the lease after it expires at the end of August, the city is considering operating the attraction itself in connection with the Palace Theatre. City manager Wood will be discussing the possibility with the council during the work session.

Council will also revisit a proposal to charge for street closings based on the expenses to the city for street department and law enforcement personnel needed. Council had approved a policy earlier this year then approved a motion last month not to charge for any street closings. The policy also included references to 5K runs and static displays such as the cruise ins so the council will consider the adoption of a revised version.

Council will discuss the transportation alternative program or TDOT-TAP grant again for possible improvements to downtown sidewalks. The grant is an 80/20 grant with the city providing a 20 percent of the total funding as a match. The council had suggested using a second grant for work on the Crossville depot but because the depot is not on the historic register, it is not eligible.

The total estimated cost for the sidewalk work is just over $2.6 million. The city's portion would be almost $530,000.

City manager Wood has been in his position for 6 months now and council members have provided feedback through an evaluation. The overall score covering 10 areas of work came in as 4 out of a possible 5 and council has provided additional written suggestions as well. The council could consider a salary increase.
Crossville city manager Greg Wood

Council will also discuss a possible purchase of the remainder of the old handle mill property on Webb Avenue. Ronnie Webb is interested in selling the property along with another small lot across the street. The two properties total 2.85 acres. Webb is asking $597,000 for the properties. The state appraisals total $193,500. Webb has said he would accept the middle of three commercial appraisals and the city has priced that process at $9000.
The properties the city is looking at include the blue lot at the top
and the property across 5th St. at the bottom 
of the photo with structures.

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