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Friday, July 7, 2017

July City Council agenda covers solid waste contract as well as Garrison Park and downtown Sidewalks

Crossville city council meets for their regular July meeting on Tuesday July 11 and will discuss a budget amendment for Garrison Park improvement work, downtown sidewalks and a possible grant as well as potential industrial expansions.

Meetings start with the council's audit committee meeting at 5:15, the Crossville beer board meeting at 5:45 and the regular agenda meeting starts at 6:00 PM.
L-R Crossville city manager Greg Wood and council members
J.H. Graham, Danny Wyatt, Mayor James Mayberry,
Pamala Harris and Scot Shanks.

After failing to approve the third and final reading of a budget amendment to pay for work already preformed during the 2016-17 fiscal year, council will address the topic again during their regular meeting. The motion by councilman Danny Wyatt approved at the called meeting late last month called for tabling the matter “until someone can tell us why we have to take the fence down.”

Garrison Park

At the called meeting several council members expressed unhappiness with removing the fence and later putting it back up. Mr. Wyatt estimated that cost at around $100,000. The $500,000 state department of environment and conservation grant that the city agreed to requires that the old grandstand and the perimeter fence be removed. The redevelopment plan includes a new water feature splash pad, a playground, replacing the basketball court and constructing a restroom building in the park. The grant requires a $500,000 match from the city.

The city council will look at possible grant funding from the state for downtown sidewalks. The city has talked about improving sidewalks downtown fro some 14 years now but can't seem to get the project underway. The state TDOT grant now called Transportation Alternatives Program. The program was previously known as the Transportation Enhancement Program and was part of the funding in place previously for part of the downtown project. City manager Greg Wood and councilman J. H. Graham will discussion on the grant that can be used for sidewalks and pedestrian lighting.
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Council is expected to act on the the new solid waste collection contract. City manager Wood and street superintendent Kevin Music both recommend the approval. The new 5 year contract reduces the annual cost by some $121,000 annually and the city will take over the leaf and brush collection. The new contract uses the property appraiser's classification for residential and commercial and the question of mobile home parks is answered in the city's ordinance originally passed on 1973 and updated in 1998 requiring that they provide refuse collection in their parks.

CoLinx is asking to lease property next to it's expansion in the Interchange Business Park for parking for additional employees as the parking is not adequate. In addition, the city manager may have additional information on a potential industrial prospect for the community.

Other agenda items include Friends of the Airport memorial and the marketing report.  

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