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Thursday, December 29, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: David Beaty may return as Crossville police chief

Former Crossville police chief David Beaty has been recommended as regular Police chief by an interview committee that interviewed Beaty, current Crossville interim Chief Mark Rosser and Rockwood police chief Danny Wright.

According to interim city manager Steve Hill, A meeting with Beaty will be scheduled next week after the holiday to see if Beaty accepts the city's offer.  Hill added that nothing is final until until Beaty accepts the offer.

The Crossville department has gained ground and state accreditation under interim chief Rod Shoap and then upon Shoap's resignation six months ago, interim chief Mark Rosser in the two years since Beaty left.  

Shoap resigned following the city's failure to hire him to the regular position after he felt local politics had a hand in the decision to keep delaying action on his hiring.   Shoap has since filed an unfair employment complaint against the city with the EEOC.   

David Beaty

In late 2014, Beaty took an early retirement buyout offer receiving standard retirement benefits and a 6 month salary in a lump sum as well as bridge health insurance until Medicare eligibility.  Beaty received a lump sum of $34,734 at the time of his retirement in early 2015.  

Beaty served as Crossville police chief for some 19 years prior to taking the early retirement buyout. At the time there was a question about whether another department member being ready to take over as chief, leading to the hiring of Shoap, who had served many years in law enforcement in the Ft. Myers Florida area.

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