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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

New Crossville city council members Scot Shanks and J. H. Graham sworn in

In a ceremony that featured two prayers for the new council, and brief comments by each member of he council, Scot Shanks and J. H. Graham were sworn in before a crowd of supporters and observers Monday night.

New city council L-R J. H. Graham, Danny Wyatt, Mayor James Mayberry, 
Pamala Harris and Scot Shanks

Shanks and Graham were presented with certificates of election by Cumberland Co. Election Administrator Jill Davis and Election Commission Secretary Lisa Phillips.

Incoming council members receive their certificates of election.
L-R J. H. Graham, Jill Davis, Lisa Phillips and Scot Shanks

The oath of office was administered to each new council member by Crossville city judge Ivy Gardener.

Incoming council member J. H. Graham III, right, is sworn in by 
city judge Ivy Gardner, left.

Scot Shanks, right takes the oath of office from city judge Ivy Gardener, left. 

Members of the council were given the chance to make brief remarks starting with councilman J. H. Graham who paraphrased the writers of the Declaration of Independence and said, "It is not only our responsibility, but our duty to make change and make life better."  Graham went on to thank his family and friends for their work "to help me and this council make Crossville a better place to live, work, plan and worship."

Councilman Shanks spoke next saying that he was happy to be serving the city of Crossville and working with the council. "I'm doing this for the city of Crossville.  I hope that when decisions that I make for the next four years, when I get away from doing things for the city of Crossville, I hope to hear from people to make sure to keep me inline."

Shanks said he was already hearing from people via email and he encouraged citizens to contact him that way adding, "You will hear back from me when you do email me."  Shanks can be reached at his city email address: 

Council member Pamala Harris said, "Everybody knows it's been a difficult couple of years, the experience I've had serving on the council, but I've learned a lot.  I've tried my very best to use wisdom and discretion in the decisions that I've made.  I'm very hopeful with this new council we're going to have a good working dynamic."  Harris concluded saying, "I can tell you that I love Crossville and I believe that the people sitting up her join me in saying that they love Crossville or they would not be willing to serve in this position."

Councilman Danny Wyatt Thanked Shanks for being willing to stick his neck out and added that he's know Scot all his life.  He shared the comment that former city manager Curtis Adams shared with Wyatt when he was first sworn in saying it was pretty true for Wyatt, "Enjoy tonight because you are the most popular you'll ever be."  

Wyatt also praised the work ethic of councilman Graham saying, "He'll work about 50 hours a week for you. He works hard for Crossville and loves Crossville.  I think we've got a good council." 

Mayor James Mayberry said he agreed with all the comments that had been made.  He added that he had learned a lot in the last two years.  I'd never gotten involved in politics," said Mayberry, "and really don't care much for politics."  Mayberry said that like Ms. Harris and the rest of the council, the welfare of the community got him involved in politics.

Mayberry said he felt there were to areas of work for the council, the mechanics of the job and city operations and there was the community development part for the good of the people.  "If we keep the betterment of the community involved, our children, working with the schools, it will all come together if we just keep a positive attitude."

Video of the swearing in ceremony

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