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Sunday, December 4, 2016

First meeting for new city council expected to restore work sessions and look toward new city manager

The first regular city council meeting after new members Scot Shanks and J. H. Graham are sworn in will be Thursday December 8 and may see the return to monthly work sessions and possibly a return to council meetings on Tuesdays.

In addition, council will elect a mayor pro-tem, and appoint a city judge.

The council's evening starts off at 5:00 PM with the monthly audit committee meeting and will be followed by a closed executive session with city attorney Will Ridley at 5:30 PM. The council meeting as the beer board is scheduled for 5:45 and a public hearing on annexation progress report for 103 Meadowview Ln will be held at 5:50.

The council's regular agenda starts at 6:00 PM. Under the consent agenda, council is expected to approve first reading on the removal of two sections of the city code. One section, 11-703 concerns the circulation of unsigned material that J. R. Blankenship was prosecuted under but the city has agreed to rescind the charges at the $1500 fine assessed by the city judge in the case. The second section 11-705 addresses “posting notices and the like” and is also proposed for removal.

Section 11-703 states:
(A) It shall be unlawful for any person, organization or corporation, or other entity, to circulate or cause to be circulated, or to aid in any way the circulation of, or to attempt to circulate in the city, any unsigned printed, typed, reproduced, mimeographed, written or other papers or materials containing print, type, reproduction, mimeographed, written or other reading matter, excepting for the circulation of the regular newspapers in their routine business in publishing and circulating their papers.
   (B)   All written or printed circulars, advertisements or other statements with reference to any person who is a candidate for any public office in the city or with reference to any election in the city for any purpose, shall be signed by the writer thereof, or, if the same purport to be issued by any committee, or organization or other similar associations, the same shall be signed with the names of the principal officer of the association.
   (C)  UNSIGNED means any papers or matters as are described in section one thereof which do not contain the genuine signature of the person, or the principal of any organization causing same to be produced or reproduced or having same produced or reproduced.
   (D)   The possession in the city of more than three of any unsigned printed, typed, reproduced, mimeographed, written or other paper or materials containing such as described in this section, excepting the circulation of a regular newspaper, will be prima facie evidence that there has been a circulation of such in violation of this section.
11-705 states:
No person shall fasten, in any way, any show-card, poster or other advertising device upon any public or private property unless legally authorized to do so.

Other items under the consent agenda include a contract with Larry Kidwell of Kidwell & Co. for financial consultations and a contract on the transfer of waterlines from South Cumberland Utility District to the city.

After over 5 years, the bids on construction of the sidewalks on Fourth Street and Myrtle Avenue have been approved and work has started on the project. The TDOT grant will fund nearly $403,000 of the work and the city will fund just over $146,500 of the total project. On the agenda is the first reading of a budget amendment for $250,000 necessary to fund the city's match and additional work to complete the project.

Council will consider approval of a TDEC grant for site preparation on a 20 acre site in the Interstate Business Park. The grant along with the city's matching funds will construct a pad ready for construction of an up to 200,000 square foot industrial building. The grant will be discussed during council's Monday work session.

Council will consider the possibility of a special census in the city limits, an activity that has be financially beneficial to the city in past years. Other items council will consider is health insurance for the city judge and city attorney as well as a property tax freeze for eligible senior citizens.

A discussion on the process for interviewing candidates for city manager is also up for discussion on the agenda and council will revisit the request from CCHS for assistance in renovation of the Jets football field. The project has a total estimated cost of $100,000 and CCHS has a commitment so far for $10,000.   


  1. Please list the names of the council members for those of us not living in the area.
    Always need the context to understand what is happening.

    1. Council members include Mayor James Mayberry, J. H. Graham, Pamala Harris, Scot Shanks and Danny Wyatt. Newly elected members include Shanks and Graham though Graham served as mayor until 2 years ago when he was defeated in running for reelection as mayor.