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Monday, December 19, 2016

Kerry plant Expansion announced for Mayland operation

Local officials with the Horizon Initiative and Kerry announced the expansion of the plant in Mayland that most locals know as Hickory Specialties.

Announced under the banner of the Horizon Initiative, Chamber of Commerce president Brad Allamong pointed to the Horizon logo saying, “When you see this sign something good is behind it.” The Horizon Initiative is a partnership of local government, education and industry to promote the community's economic development.

The expansion includes an investment of some $13.3 million for the addition of 18,000 square feet, new state of the art equipment and 10 new employees.

The facility currently employees some 50 workers and has been a part of the community since 1972.  Freddy Conley, plant manager said the company had recently purchased a competitor and plan to move additional production to the local facility.  Conley added that Kerry was "going strong."

“The future's bright for Kerry's investment, the synergies are great, the resources are here,” added Conley. “We make a food product derived from sawdust, which is pretty unique in the industry and we maintain the highest of standards.” Conley also said he would be strongly advocating to hire locally for the new positions.  

Kerry plant manager of the Mayland TN operation Freddy Conley
explains the expansion of the plant, located here since 1972. 

Video of the Announcement

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