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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Battle of the "Political" Signs Continues. New signs across from city hall mimic Mockingbird signs.

The battle of the signs, city politics and politics in general contiunues with the discovery of 4 new signs that have been placed in the yard across from Crossville city hall on the property of Jesse Kerley's grandfather and former city councilman Wendell Kerley.  The signs appeared the morning before the regular July council meeting. 

The signs, appearing to be hand cut and hand stenciled to mimic the signs that are located on property on Mockingbird Drive and put up by J. R. Blankenship on property owned by his mother.  One of the signs copies the one on Mockingbird but uses a different name.  The Mockingbird sign says Kerley = Liar and the sign across from city hall on Cother St. says Souza = Liar. Previous story on Mockingbird Drive signs

Additional signs across from city hall get even more personal making other accusations and claims including, "Souza = Coruption $ Tax $ Cheat $"  "Souza Told Lies Now Say Goodbye" and even stranger "Souza Plus 5 Wives = Witchhunt"

The city will be looking at thier sign ordinance in the near future based on a recent ruling that does not allow differentation between commercial signs and political signs.  Stay tuned. 


  1. They need to change the law to differentiate. Political speech is protected. First Amendment.

  2. Tic-Tock, Tic-Toc is the sound of the clock running out for Kerley bullying elderly people and his political career. If you agree share with your FB friends.