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Monday, July 18, 2016

Windfarm opposition group angry over action of County Commission-withVideos

We will have video of the discussion to add to this post a bit later, but the county commission soundly defeated a resolution that some called zoning that would have given the county the right "to regulate the use of property where such is found to be detrimental to the health, morals, comfort, safety, convenience or welfare of the residents.

This resolution was put forth by 9th district commissioner Sandra Dutcher.  After some heated public comment at the start of the meeting and discussion about the resolution it was soundly defeated with only three commissioners voting in favor.  Those included Dutcher and 9th district commissioner Woody Geisler and 3rd district commissioner Rebecca Stone.

Video of resolution on proposed land use regulation.

A second resolution also failed that was a non-binding resolution that had been previously passed by the Farifield Glade Community Club and the Crossville city council.  It failed in a vote of 6 commissioners in favor and 10 opposed.  Commissioners voting for the resolution included Rebecca Stone, Allen Foster, Terry Carter, Tim Claflin, Sandra Dutcher and Woody Geisler.  Sonya Rimmer and Elbery Farley were absent.  Other members voted against the resolution.

 As the group opposed to the windfarm left the meeting following the second vote a shouting match broke out and required Cumberland County Sheriff Casey Cox to go into the audience to try and calm things down.

Video of resolution opposing windfarm and aftermath.

Opponents of the Crab Orchard Windfarm filled the courtroom as the county commission met to consider two resolutions on the windfarm.  Both resolutions failed
Wearing "Stop the Turbines" shirts, some of those who attended the meeting discussed what they could do next after the meeting.  


  1. Wow, what an extremely bad photoshop job. If the County Commission voted to regulate private property, no lets put it the way it is. If they told you what you can and can't do with the land you work and paid for, would you be upset? I think so. I'm ashamed of what our county is becoming. Thank you to those Commissioners who voted for right and wrong. To those who didn't, why are you really there? So very disappointing!

    1. My great grandfather was a farmer; he taught me… you never buy anything on time except land; once you own your land you have a moral responsibility to your land called "Stewardship" This was his ethic that embodied the responsible planning & management of his lands resources. As I have aged I have seen the "Stewardship" of the 1900’s abandoned for profit with zoning laws put into place to protect both the environment and citizens affected by profit over "Stewardship". Listening to the landowners at the commissioners meetings defending their right to do as they see/saw fit with their land regardless of the consequences to the environment or neighbors I was struck by: 1st every person living in Cumberland County is going to pay for the land owners to exercise their right to make $$$. From roads needing to be replaced to poisoned aquifers from the land having previously been used for coal mining; there remains “slurry impoundments” on the plateau where the 650’ high turbines will be placed. The noise generated from the turbines will affect 2,800 homes on the plateau. There were 2 resolutions before The Cumberland County Board on July 18, 2016, the 2nd resolution the board members could/should have voted to represent the wishes of their constituents. The 1st amendment…this is where the Board failed the entire community. It was stated by a “pro wind farm commissioner” that those opposing the wind farm should be dealing with this issue at a state level. This Board made absolutely sure there was no time to enact anything at a state level to protect us from greedy neighbors. This County Board of Commissioners: having failed the community it represents to protect our drinking water supply, our wildlife and its citizens could at least be truthful and forthright exposing who on this board knew about the wind farm and when.